You’re Scared…

As I was going through my a new Adwords campaign I’m setting up for myself I realized that I was feeling a little stress – a little anxious.

The reason?

I want guarantees. For every single thing I do online I want to KNOW without a doubt that it’s going to work and that I’m going to get results that will give me more money. I don’t want to spend money without knowing I will get enough in return to make it worthwhile, and then I can optimize further from there.

Guess what?

That’s not usually the way it works. As I create a new campaign in Adwords or if I’m developing a new site or writing an ebook or doing a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g where I’m spending time and brainpower to do something I want to KNOW it’s going to work.

You’re probably the same.

Even though I feel anxious inside – nervous about spending money on Adwords because I don’t know if it will work or not – I move forward.

I think that’s the difference between me and a lot of you… between successful internet marketers and those that keep looking at us and saying – “Wow – are they LUCKY!”

We’re not lucky. Well, I know I’m not.

We just have come to grips with the idea that – we’re going to always feel anxious about spending money first – and waiting to see what the result is.

This happens every single project I do. There is never a guarantee that anything will work immediately or at all. I might lose the first $50. I might lose the first $500. I try to never lose more than $1,000 on a small project before I get going in the positive column… but, it happens too.

Get over the scared. Know that every one of us – Yaro, Jeremy Shoemaker, Frank K, etc… get nervous spending money before we’re making money. Once we’re making money – we’re pouring it in to the project because the more we put in the more that is made.

Know that the first step is almost always spending some of your own money as a test to see – does the project work or not. After refinement a really poor producing project might become a small winner. There’s a chance it still goes gangbusters and becomes a massive winner.

Get over the scared.

Push forward.

Keep testing. Hedge your bets – but keep moving forward. Some projects are destined to be losers. You don’t hear the top marketers talking about their losers often – there were MANY of them. Many, many more losers than winners.

Know that everyone has losers – and that most projects are losers to start with. Making them winners or cutting them loose is the next step but you must start with the first step.

Start your projects anyway.

Get over the scared.