Your Business Website | Purpose

Though far from laser-focused, Darren Rowse’s business website has remained virtually unchanged for the past 12 years. That photo of him is surely nothing like he looks today! Still, his website is focused on selling the various services and products he markets.

There are many things to consider when having your website designed.

Of greatest importance is answering this question,

“What is the purpose of my website?”

Some sites are built to sell. Some are meant to give contact information. Some are meant to give information leading to a sale by phone. Some are meant to lead the visitor to a sale on-site. Some sites are meant for lead-generation.

What is your site for?

Before you start building you must figure that out. Most business websites are just an online business card providing different ways to contact the business staff.

A strong model is to create a site that gives all the information about your business and leads to an online sale. Lead generation is part of most sites, because collecting the email addresses of individuals interested in your products may lead to further sales later.

Creating a website that fulfills any of the goals above is seriously difficult work. It requires a lot of knowledge to do it on your own.

You CAN do it on your own, but, if you can afford to – you really should have your website designed by experts that know at least these two things very well:

1. How to create a site that sells your products, your services, you and your business.

2. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – optimizing your business website to bring search engine traffic which you can convert to sales or leads.

These two are essential for any business relying on their website for sales or lead generation.

The first one I mentioned is very difficult. Do NOT entrust the success of your business to someone that does not create exceptional sites already. You’re wasting your time and money. Do not entrust the building of your website to a relative that will, “give it a try” or “do my best”.

Your website is your business card, but so much more. It’s your business magazine… but more… it’s your business TV show and in some cases like online business, it’s the entire business itself.

Your website need not be extravagant. You need not create expensive online video or hire celebrities. What you do need to do is make it clean, bright, and efficient to use. Visitors should be able to find the answer to every question they have – on your site. If they can’t – the site fails. That might mean loss of a sale or one customer… over time it could mean the failure of your entire business. Your website is THAT important.

With recent developments, it’s now possible to have a website up and running (without content) in about 1 hour including getting a web hosting account (server space + bandwidth) and a website. Many new businesses are going this route because WordPress offers some search engine friendly functions as well as some beautiful designs, many of them free for download.

In addition, with designs you can change the look and feel of your website at will. “Themes” enable you to change anytime you choose, though, you will lose any customization of the theme you did before you switch. You’ll gain it back once you return to the theme you customized.

The 2nd part of the successful business website design is SEO. SEO must be considered before your website is designed as it’s much easier to add as the site is created than as an after-thought.

There are onsite and offsite SEO tactics. Both are very important and it’s essential to have both working in conjunction with each other to maximize the effectiveness of your business website.

There are many SEO experts, but finding one you can trust is likely going to be a problem. If you want the name of the person that did our SEO just send us an email and we’ll share it with you.