Writing Ebooks = Online Business Success?

Writing a short ebook of 50 pages might take you a week, maybe 2 weeks. You throw it up on Amazon, format it for Smashwords.com, and in a couple of days you have sales. That’s online sales. Writing an ebook can have you making money online in just a week or so. Is there anything easier than this?

I know a guy that wrote a zombie book. Zombies in Bangkok, Thailand. Not sure there was ever a book about zombies in Bangkok – so it started selling rather well. He writes well, but he’s not Thomas Dolby with words. The book was fun and even though I could care less about zombie books – I read the whole thing on my iphone as I lay in bed at night.

Isn’t there even one topic you could write a short book about? There’s gotta be. Sit down today and write a list of all the things you “know”. The ideas on the list might all turn out to be ebooks you could write for your online business, or maybe just 1 will work. Try one and see what happens. Do your books sell? You won’t know until you give it a shot.

There will be hundreds of people reading this post – and many of you could write a book and see what happens. Will you? That’s the question.

Out of all the people reading this post – some of you can no doubt make it as ebook authors and make a living from writing ebooks – but you might not even KNOW it. Nobody knows if they can write, until they try and get feedback from buyers about what was good – what was not.

I know 14 people making a living from writing. Some are writing ebooks, and others are writing articles for websites that need them. All of them are making over $20,000 per year from writing. A few are making quite a bit more than $20,000 per year.

Isn’t writing ebooks something you should at least consider?

If you are absolutely NOT a writer – why not refer this article to someone that maybe IS a writer? Help your friend go from working in a toilet paper factory, or a fast-food restaurant, to writing ebooks and making $20K per year online.

Amanda Howking didn’t know she was going to be a successful writer at all. She had many refusals to publish her work in traditional paperback format and yet she went on writing her stories. Guess what? She is making over a million dollars a year writing ebooks now. Amazon buyers LOVED her stories.

Maybe masses of people will love your written ebook stories… maybe you’ll only make enough to buy pizza once a week from selling your ebooks online – whatever. Try. You’ve gotta try if you think you have a book in you.

Give writing ebooks a try!