Writers – How To Finish Writing Your Book within 30 Days

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A little epiphany this morning. I came up with a fail-proof way for me to finish the book I’ve been working on for 17 years. This book is not a make money book, its just a book I’ve been dying to write because it shows how I think about the world. Anyway, let’s get to it and show you…


I’m 64,000 words into my book. I’m going to write 3,000 words every day until I’m done with the first draft. I think that is 14 days away. Regardless if it’s 114 days away, I’ll write every single day.

This Technique is THAT POWERFUL.

I’ll stop hyping it – and show you. You can watch the video above, or read below. Both explain exactly how to go about it. I think you’ll enjoy the video better. I certainly did.

How To Finish Writing Your Book within 30 Days

1. Find Someone You Hate Who Is Selling Something Online. It can be a person. It can be a charitable organization. It can be the People for the Un-ethical Treatment of Animals. Whatever. Better if it’s personal to you. I just chose a person I can’t stand, and he has an ebook on the market.

2. Create a Goal. Make a writing goal for yourself. Mine was, write 3,000 words per day until I finish the first draft. I said, that should take about 14 days to do another 40,000 words. Make it a goal that WILL MOVE YOU TOWARD YOUR GOAL SUBSTANTIALLY.

3. Write Up a Contract. Mine is titled, “CONTRACT WITH VERN.” I have under 1., Write 3,000 words per day in Recipe for Chaos. Then write another heading – “CONSEQUENCE” and under 1., write what you will do if you don’t write that many words. Mine is, “I’m going to buy that ASSHOLE’s ebook every single day that I don’t make it to 3,000 words in the book.

That’s it. Modify it, tweak it, whatever you need, but that’s basically IT. Nothing really needs changed. Give yourself one goal, and one ultimatum that hurts like hell if you have to carry it out.

Then, get to work.

Your book will be done within a month. It has to be. Who wants to send money to an enemy?



Vern L.

Day 1 – DONE!
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Day 2 – DONE!

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