Where Did Rebecca Kelley Get Her Potty Mouth?

Who IS this Rebecca Kelley – and did she grow up on a ship full of seamen? Is her middle name, “Diceman”?

If you don’t read ShoeMoney’s blog you’re missing a lot. He’s got great articles when he finally has time to write one, but more importantly for today’s article here on this blog – we’re talking about Rebecca Kelley.

Who IS this girl – the Andrew Dice Clay of the blogworld?

I saw a couple guest posts she did on Shoemoney.com and I thought… “hmm, she’s a bit unrefined wouldn’t you say?”

I asked myself. I do that sometimes.

And yet I liked the couple of articles she wrote… I wouldn’t say I was craving for more, but I liked what I read so far.

Then, I get today’s article in my feed and I think I’m reading Shoe himself talking about a “deuce” in the toilet… but then a couple things just don’t fit Jeremy’s style – like proper grammar and spelling… I look at who wrote it – and it’s that potty mouth girl again!

I gotta say, she kicks ass – and I don’t know where he got her, but I want her too. Very interesting and unique articles from her every time and she’s not playing in the mainstream sandbox with the same types of posts 95% of all bloggers are repeating, and she’s not playing with a mainstream vocabulary either – and you can see that for yourself in today’s post over there.

Congrats to Shoe for putting this girl in the mix – it’s really good reading, even if it does remind me of being in the military. If Shoe doesn’t watch his back this girl is going to take over Shoemoney and make him wear her shirt.

Note for everyone that is trying to make it writing on their own blog:

If you’re an excellent writer you are much better off to get guest posts on a major player’s blog than you are to write for your own, as of yet, unnoticed blog. It is MUCH easier to convince 1 person – Shoe in this case, to let you write an article a week – or two even, than it is to ramp your blog up to 55,000+ RSS subscribers.

If I wasn’t so stubborn I’d do it myself. I’m stubborn though…

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