Where Did Matt Cutts GO?

Matt Cutts, Google SEO contact point for all things search engine related, has been on hiatus for months now. I don’t think he’s coming back. At least not in the same capacity that he was acting in. And, here’s the funny thing, Google hasn’t replaced him.

I think Mr. Cutts has had a change of heart about being the spokesperson for a company that clearly is not being honest with the public.

I’ve seen a number of things Matt said that just don’t jive with what I’m seeing in the search results. Big businesses is doing whatever they want without penalties, or, with lame penalties that are quickly cleared up and they move up the search rankings. I’m seeing people that hammer away at creating new, amazing, long-form content that is ignored by Google and their sites languish at the bottom of the search pages.

I’m seeing absolutely JUNK SITES in the top 5 that are there maybe just because they are old. I can’t tell you how many outdated, nightmarish designed websites I’ve seen sticking to the top of the listings – especially in small niche areas. It’s like, you could have developed the junkiest piece of shit site ten years ago, and it will still rank today despite having no social media inbound links, no recent content posted, a site that this a horrorshow to navigate or find what you want. Google’s algorithms are missing so much garbage and it’s depressing to those of us that build great sites, add great content, get decent links in, and then are ignored for all the work we’ve put into it.

I had 30+ websites running in 2007. Today I have about 9. How many are profitable? Just 3. These three, I am doing everything I can for them. Half of what I do that Google tells me to do – doesn’t matter. My sites get no love from Google. I have NEVER done anything spammy or black hat to rank my websites. Never had to. It was always quite apparent what work needed done to rank highly.

Today? It’s a total crapshoot. Search engine algorithms at G! are completely hosed. Matt telling everyone create evergreen content that helps people – is a joke. There is far too much weight on the age of a site. This sucks because Google is now FILLED to brim with old information from 5-10 years ago. Social Media appears to mean nothing to Google. My social links don’t appear to be counted AT ALL. The G+ fiasco was like a nail in the coffin for thousands of businesses that busted their ass to write content for Google+, and then one day Google decides G+ isn’t going anywhere, and they can the author program. Hello? WTF is going on over there?

And poor Matt Cutts, which is FAR TOO DECENT A HUMAN BEING to be a pawn for this group of clowns, decided – this is not what he signed up for. I’m sure he has been soul-searching for a long time about whether being Google’s lying mouthpiece was the right thing to do. I’m sure he made hundreds of thousands of dollars per year from Google. I’m sure they’ll keep him on doing something else if he wants to come back. I hope he’s working on a Google search engine alternative. I hope he competes directly with Google and kills it.

I really don’t think Matt is coming back to Google in anything remotely close to the same capacity. He couldn’t live with himself if he did.