What Purpose Does Your Business Website Serve?


Many new business owners just start developing a web site with little foresight into what they’re doing. Entrepreneurs know they need a website – so they just start building it. They might even hire someone to start building it.

The web development company might ask the business owner – what do you want the real focus and goal of the website to be? Some won’t even ask. It’s up to you to communicate exactly what your new Florida business website will be focused on. You’ve got to be thinking about the goal even before you buy your domain name or choose a host.

There are two basic goals of any business website. If you don’t accomplish one of these two things with every visitor either now or in the near future – you’ve probably lost them to competition that will.

Two Basic Goals for Your Business Website (choose one):

1. Sell your visitor something today.

2. Get enough contact information from the visitor so you can sell them something later. This also includes having the customer contact you on the phone, by email or by online form so you can answer their questions or provide some free service.

Those are really the two main focuses of all successful business web sites. You might say there is a 3rd goal of some sites – and that is to act as an online business card full of information so someone can go there to have all their questions answered in order to buy at a brick and mortar store in the future.

You’ll need to decide before you ever start to even think about your online presence – what is your goal?

If your goal is to sell something on your site then you must have an e-commerce solution that is fast, efficient, inspires trust, and is fluid and perfect in every way. It won’t be perfect on your first try, but over the months you’ll solve a lot of little problems you could have never foreseen. E-commerce is a highly specialized field. You should involve a web designer or company early on that is expert at online sales.

If your goal is lead generation, that is, acquiring an email address, phone number, address or some other information that will allow you to contact the prospective customer then your entire site must be setup for that purpose. Usually companies that want to acquire contact information from web visitors give something away for free. That something might be an e-book, a CD-ROM, a trial login or trial software package… something that seems like a fair exchange for asking for the person’s contact information.

Again, finding a web design professional with a background in white hat or clear hat SEO development is essential to your new business success.

Here at Inc. Answers we want you to use our easy online training to help you create your new business. We’ve worked for almost a decade to refine the process and we think we’ve got it down pretty well. There are still tiny things we work on each week to tweak the user experience to make sure we’re answering everyone’s questions – but, there is always work to do.

We don’t ask for your contact information in order to contact you later because, quite frankly – we don’t like direct sales. We don’t contact anyone to sell them something later. If you buy a corporate kit when you purchase your online incorporation package – great! We don’t call you later to see if you want one.

Everything we have on-site is free to use, we don’t exchange it for your email or phone number because that’s not how we set this business up. You’ll choose what’s right for your business as we have here.