What is the Ultimate Part-Time Online Business?

The ideal part-time business contributes to your bottom line, and should be fun as well. Find out how hundreds of first time authors are making money by doing something they love.

You probably have a full-time job now and you probably don’t think you have enough spending money. What should you do? Work more hours for “the man”?

What about take on another job where you’re making someone else more money than they’re paying you? What about creating something for yourself? That’s the focus of this article – creating something for yourself that’s tangible and has worth and that you own the rights to.

So far today I made $31.50 at Amazon selling something. Last month I made over $900 from selling on Amazon. The things I’m selling cost me nothing to create except time. In my off-time I created some things that are now selling pretty well at Amazon. This $900 is extra money that my family hasn’t counted on, but that we can use for what we like. Would it be nice to have a couple hundred dollars extra in your household?

The sour economy of the last few years has made us realize that we’re not as safe and secure in our jobs as we might have thought. Hundreds of thousands of people are laid off in the USA – and have been surviving month to month… some of them, day to day.

How could you take the edge off a bad economic situation? Have something extra coming in the side door.

Creating an online informational product – an ebook in particular, can be the solution you’re looking for. I create ebooks. I have ten finished and my wife did two about Thai food recipes. It took some work, but we’re finally seeing some benefit to it. We’re finally making enough cash that makes us both wonder – could we just work 100% on ebooks and make a living at this?

Could you? Is there something you’re interested enough in to write an ebook about? You need not know all the information to put in the ebook yet, you can research first and pull it all together. The top novelists in the world – even for fiction books, do a tremendous amount of research about things they are clueless about, before they write their books.

Getting started writing ebooks is probably the easiest and ultimate part-time online business you can get started with. Everyone has an interest in something they could write a book about. Translate that interest into 30-100 pages of informative content and you’ll have something you can sell to others also interested in it.

How to Start:

1. Research to see where there is a need for information. Query your habits, work skills, hobbies, and see if you can’t find something you’ve never seen explained well – or thoroughly. Do Google searches to see where there are few pages of information about a subject. Check Amazon’s list of best selling books and see what subjects sell consistently. Can you spin one of those subjects?

2. Write a book of 10,000 to 50,000 words. Ebooks are shorter than traditional paperback novels, by a significant amount. Reading from a computer screen or ereader device is taxing on the eyes and a 50 page ebook is about the right length. There are few subjects that can’t be thoroughly explained by 50 page ebook.

3. Create a cover. I use Paint Shop Pro to create my own covers. Sure they are not as good as a professional’s, but they work for now. I will likely invest in professionally made covers later as I’m making enough money to afford it.

4. Go to the following places and figure out how to sell your ebook online with them (all.com’s): eBay, Amazon, SmashWords. Most want your ebook in Microsoft’s Word format (.doc) so they can convert it to the other formats readable by the ebooks readers have.

5. Create more. If I had stopped at the first ebook I made, I’d be making about $2 per day. That’s not quite enough to make me happy. Sure $60 per month is enough for two nice dinners, but it doesn’t make sense to stop when creating ebooks is so easy and free.

I love the idea of investing in myself. You should too. Before you take another job for someone else – making them more money and giving yourself nothing to sell over your lifetime, try creating content that is yours and that you can sell indefinitely – with hardly trying. Once uploaded at Amazon, SmashWords, and other online ebook marketplaces – you need do nothing but collect checks. How’s that for a part-time side business? Give it a try and see if it works for you!