What is the Point of Branding Your Business?

Branding means associating the name of your company, products, and services with your business. Rossingnol Skis are well known, as are Nike running shoes. Nike even goes a step further and brands some of their basketball shoes with the names of ultra-famous basketball players – Michael Jordan, for instance.

Branding is essential for most companies, and how much time, money, and effort you spend on it will depend on how important it is for your company.

On the internet there are thousands of companies offering what yours is – the need to differentiate your company in the midst of all this competition is clear.

How do you go about branding your business? What goes into branding a business?

The business should have a theme, a focus that the company is moving toward at all times. The company name, once branded, will mean something to your customers. What will it mean? Blue Cross Blue Shield means health professionals there to protect you and your family. Sony means electronics and design masters. Apple means quality and style.

Decide what your company focus is at the most basic. That’s the beginning of your branding.

What else is involved in branding your business?

Take a look at everything that represents your company in addition to the name of your company or products. Employee uniform. Building exterior. Logos. Colors. Materials used. Design. Tone of your company in all articles, promotional materials, on TV, in video, etc. Everything has to mesh and give the appearance of a well thought-out company that is focused on whatever it is you wish to be known for.

You’re trying to be known through branding. You want people that say “Fredsters” to know it means the best garlic hotdogs in the free world, if that’s what you do.

What are the benefits of branding?

Once you’ve successfully branded your business or products you will start getting the rewards that branding brings. People start remembering your company when they have conversations about whatever the focus of your business is. People start typing in yourbusinessname.com to see if there’s a website there. People will start recommending it to friends if they’ve had a good experience.

Being found, being known, being popular – these are what branding is all about. Branding can help your company become outrageously successful in a short amount of time, or over many years – either way, it’s the primary goal of many businesses.

Does it make sense for your business??