What is Inc. Answers About?


Here’s an interesting free service that attempts to show in graphical form what a website or group of words is all about. It’s a text cloud that shows frequently used words in IncAnswers.com as larger and less frequently used words as smaller. The most common English words were removed from the result.

Actually I’ll do my own list of what this site is about… without looking at the above and see how it compares…

1. eBusiness

2. eMarketing

3. eSales, eCommerce

4. Helping people create a new business.

5. eLearning, ebusiness training courses.

6. Online tools, Web 2.0, Social media tools.

Doesn’t match up all that well but maybe you’ll have a different result? The site is Wordle.net. You can paste a url in or even a block of text. Try it out. You can change the fonts to any of 20+ types, color scheme, shape of the cloud, etc.