Website Optimization Services

If you already have a website, and you’re not satisfied with it – we can help.

Your website can have a number of different reasons for existence. It may be like an online business card for your business. It may be a showcase for your artwork, inventions, or family. Whatever the reason you started your website, it may not be exactly what you had intended.

We can help revise your website so it matches your intention for it.

What Can We Change?

  • Your Hosting – if a faster and more robust hosting account is necessary
  • Design – a total revamp, or a minor overhaul – up to you!
  • Colors and Style – we can keep the general style of your website and add some style to create a better brand impression
  • Add Affiliate functionality – if you want to make money from your website and don’t know how to go about it – we can add affiliate links to your content to create sales elsewhere – for which you receive a commission.
  • Add Ads – Google ads and other ad programs can be easily implemented to earn you some extra cash from your site.
  • Add Content – your topic might be a good one for high traffic in Google, but you may not have enough quality content to get high ranking on Google results. We can add content (articles) to your site so Google notices and gives you the results you need.

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