Website Hosting and Starting a Business

As you begin to plan the design of your website you’re going to start seeing the phrase, “website hosting” come up a lot.

What is web hosting and why is it necessary for your new business website?

Web hosting is the hosting of all the pages and code for your business website on a web server (computer) at a hosting company usually. The computer you’re using at home could be turned into a web server if you had the right software and a decent connection to the internet. A website server simply receives requests from browsers across the globe and serves them pages from your website. If all the files for your business website were sitting on your home computer and your connection was fast and stable you could host your website on your home computer. Many people do that. Technically it’s not that difficult. Keeping your connection fast and not crashing the server is a trick that most people choose to leave to a hosting company.

You might wonder how the pages and code, all the pages and necessary files get put on the server that might be half-way around the planet. FTP, File Transfer Protocol, is used to move files from one computer over to a computer server that is hosting your website. Similarly, SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) takes your email to wherever you’re sending it.

FTP programs almost always take the form of 2 windows side by side. One shows the directory of the computer you’re sitting at (usually left side) and the other shows the directory for the website server that will hold all your website’s files. (usually right side)

FTP programs are not difficult to master for the business website owner – but the whole process is something that takes a little instruction. Once you’re logged into your website server you could do a lot of damage if you deleted or copied over the wrong files or folders. It would be quite a bummer to delete something your business website needs and crash your whole website – yes?

Soon we’ll be offering you a short elearning course about web hosting and how to go about FTP’ing up files to your website server so you can learn all about the process.

Web hosting is offered by hundreds of companies in the USA alone. We use, and have used for 11 years, “” for all of our domain name purchases and web hosting. We have 34 hosting accounts with them currently and we’re very happy with them overall. Know that you will never find the perfect hosting company – but, finding one you trust enough to let them control your business website is crucial to the success of your new business.

Give Godaddy a try and I think you’ll be pretty pleased.

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