Video: Using FTP (File Transfer Protocol)

FTP programs are many – and most of them cost money. I’ll show you one here that is free and very stable. It’s called FireFTP and it works with Mozilla’s FireFox browser. I’ve used it for a few years now – and no crashes. It’s basic, and doesn’t allow all the advanced functionality of some other FTP programs, but, again, it’s free and covers ALL the basics. You probably won’t want more or need more functions than it has.

FTP is for File Transfer Protocol. Simplified it’s just a protocol for sending things across the web, just like HTTP is a protocol for the same thing. FTP works fast and can be secure.

Webmasters use FTP to reach servers across the world or in the next room. It’s easy to transfer files from whatever computer you’re sitting at to your host at Godaddy or wherever your site is hosted. It’s easy to download files from your server at Godaddy to your home computer – in case you’re backing up your site.

FTP is one of the most basic skills you can learn, and it’s NOT difficult. Be careful with it because the possibility exists that with a delete of something you need your server – website included, could get farked. Go slowly and make sure you are cautious and you should be OK. Don’t delete files you don’t understand. You probably need them.

Here’s the free FTP training video: