Using Video to Market Your New Business

One of the clear focuses of online marketing groups in 2015 is encouraging companies to use video to promote their online or offline business.

Why Video?
Video marketing used to be a territory that few small businesses bothered with. The space was dominated by companies with on-staff videographers with expensive Canon and Sony camcorders and professional lapel microphones hiring easy to look at spokespersons to spread the word about their overpriced products.

Video marketing has changed quite a bit. Anyone with a video camcorder or even a digital camera that offers 1920 x 1440 resolution video as a feature can record decent web video to promote their business products and/or services online with a minimum of effort and expense.

Video production companies are invested in spreading the message that “it’s impossible to do quality video on your own without us. You need to pay us x amount of money to create a top quality video marketing message for your business. Without us – you’re lost.”

Here are 6 things video production houses don’t want you to know:

1. Hosting your website with video is not any more expensive than hosting your website without video. Unless you need streaming video – and you don’t, because the rate of transfer for files has reached a point where a viewer isn’t waiting long to download the entire video anyway, you don’t need to pay a lot to host your business website. Look into, – two of the easiest, cheapest, and best places to find web hosting for your business at VERY affordable rates.

2. Camera quality must be at least mini dv 3-Chip in order to be any good for online web video. Wrong. As I said, a simple Sony CyberShot that provides 1920p video resolution can work just fine with a tripod, good lighting and sound. A 3-CCD chip camera can record cinema quality movies that will be shown on a 20-foot screen, not a small rectangle one foot away from your customer’s face on the computer screen.

3. Final Cut Pro or some other ultra-expensive video editing software is required to edit your videos to the point where they are professional enough for public viewing. Wrong. Even Microsoft Windows free “Movie Maker” can be used in most cases. We use no expensive editing software for editing our videos on this site.

4. Videos must be compatible with other platforms and on many different sites. Truth is they already are. If you create a Windows Movie Maker file – in .wmv format, you can upload that to YouTube – where they convert it to flash for you – and it’s compatible with almost every visitor’s computer that visits YouTube. Likewise with MPG or any of the other major formats.

5. Marketing your video will be extremely expensive! Wrong. If you just put your video on YouTube and some of the other free video websites and provide some links to them from your business website then people will find them and you’ll gain customers. Optimization of your description of the video on YouTube is of key importance, but it’s not brain surgery.

6. It’s difficult to create your own business videos. Wrong. It’s not that difficult. In a week of research and trying and practicing, you can create better quality videos than 80% of what is on YouTube today. Most people don’t even pay attention to lighting. Professional bloggers don’t even light their videos correctly. 99% of all videos on Youtube are not done by professionals. They aren’t done correctly either.

You can create great looking videos for your services by researching basic video instructions and practicing for a week. You CAN do it on your own and market your business with online video – either on your site, on YouTube, or both. Learning to create your own business video is a skill that will help your business grow over it’s lifetime.