Using Podcasts (Audio) to Market Your Business

Don’t let the word podcast scare you. Reading the word conjures up visions of sound engineers mixing your voice with modern sound effects and controlling 60 variables – none of which you need to worry about at all.

Podcasting is simply recording an audio file to release on your website. Marketing your products or services using podcasts is another good way to reach people with your business message.

Why do podcasts work?

People love multimedia online. Youtube has shown billions of videos already and podcasts have been heard billions of times. The written word – or the typed word as is the case online – is a bit boring. It shows nothing of the person behind the message. Your message is made up of 3 components. Who you are, what you sound like – and the intonation you use… the tone of voice you use… and your message itself. If you’re only writing your message online – you’re missing the personal aspect which can add a lot to your message.

Podcasts are easy to do and easy to edit. I use Windows “Movie Maker” software to edit my podcasts.

What microphone do I use? My cell phone. I have a Nokia e71 phone which gives me a voice recorder software program that records brilliant sound – amazing sound, and there’s no need at all to pick up a microphone or digital recorder. However, if your phone is no good – either upgrade your phone or you can pay just over $100 USD for a good quality Sony or other digital voice recorder that have exceptional microphones for voice recording.

For myself – I think my message is most well received when I don’t script out everything I want to say and read it like I’m standing in front of my high school class. Use a natural voice and have an outline ready that reminds you of each topic you want to talk about during the podcast.

When you’re finished you upload the sound file to your computer and you can use “SUPER” or “Audacity” or some other audio conversion program to change the file to just about any valid sound file format that you wish.

Apple has a huge podcast directory – and you can find many more to submit your files to. Put links on your own website with instructions about right clicking the link and choosing “Save file as…” or “Save target as…” and saving the file to the hard drive to listen to later.

Many people like to listen to the audio files on their iPod or similar gadget. Can even use their phones now…

Try some podcasts and see if it works for you!