Two Web Hosting Companies You Need to Know About

I’m having a very good experience changing from Godaddy shared hosting plan to the VPS (virtual private servers) at I’ve transferred three sites so far and they’ve all sped up dramatically – To the tune of 4-8 times as fast as at Godaddy shared.

GODADDY IS JUNK HOSTING. Don’t fall for it. There are two much better alternatives!

If you’re on a cheap hosting plan and you are running WordPress you’re probably seen as very slow to Google as they crawl your site. You’re going to have to upgrade at some point.

Knownhost support is phenomenal – and they’re taking it past what Rackspace has been known for in the past. I’m getting responses to tickets within minutes usually – and definitely within 1 hour every time.

It’s not painless to switch your site from Godaddy to Knownhost VPS but, it’s smart and worth the effort. Do NOT attempt it if you’re not very savvy – get someone to handle it for you. Pay them $100 to deal with the problems. If they have some experience with migrating over they can probably do it for that.

Speed it up people, Google is actually considering having slow sites not rank as well as fast sites in the near future – if they haven’t already started. They’ve given notice.

UPDATE 1/31/15

There are only two web hosting companies anybody should be considering. You know, unless you have $500 per month for your own server at RackSpace or something. is for those with real traffic – over 500 or so people per day and 1,000 pageviews or more. Knownhost is great for being the “next step.”

The steps being:

1st – Godaddy. See how sucky hosting can really be. You can skip these clowns and go straight to #2!

2nd –  These guys have a support team that is similar to Knownhost, and great for new online business owners just starting out. Their menu system is easy to use. They have automatic WordPress installations with a couple of clicks. They have a guarantee to get your money back. They have plans for the Starter site for just $3.49 per month if you get the 36 month option. It only goes up to $5 per month if you want to pay for 1 year. Amazing, right? This is my first recommendation for a hosting company for your new ebusiness. Don’t give it another thought, they have everything you need in the Starter package and they are easy to work with. Their customer support is stellar. For me, in this age, customer support I can work with and that is top of the heap, is one of the most important considerations I have when choosing any business to work with, to give my money to. Go get your Bluehost hosting account now for less than $5 per month and a free domain name (click here.) (affiliate link)

3rd – When you have very high traffic, you might consider a move to Knownhost. They are the best of the best in hosting for ebusinesses with very high traffic. They also sell access to your own server if you want. Their VPS plans are legendary, and highly recommended. We have given them our business and relied on them for 4 years now. We are SO glad we did.