Testing Your Business Sales Pages in a Google Experiment

Your business website’s sales pages are probably the most important pages on your entire site. If they’re put together the right way – you’ll have more conversions – more sales. If they’re put together wrong that could mean the demise of your business altogether. Yep, they’re THAT important.

How do you know what the best converting pages are? Do you try one and see if you get some sales, and if so – that’s it – you’ve got a winner?

That shouldn’t be the process – but, often times that IS the process most businesses follow. Most webmasters don’t test multiple iterations of sales pages either. Most don’t recommend that to business owners they’re developing business websites for. Why? Great question… anyway, we’ll show you what to do.

Basically all the answers are at Google. No, I don’t mean at the search engine and you have to go searching for them… Google has an amazing program where they help you test multiple pages of content to see which one converts better. Over time they will tell you, statistically, the chance that one page has to outperform other pages you’re testing against. It will pick a winner for you!

Go to Google Website Optimizer:


There you’ll find everything you need – detailed instructions for how to test multiple formats of sales pages against each other in an “experiment” as they term it.

Basically it goes like this.

1. Create as many sales pages as you’d like to test against each other.
2. Add some code to the pages so Google can control the experiment.
3. Tell Google which page you want to be the “goal” – the page visitors arrive when they go from sales page to finishing the goal. The goal can be anything you like. You can choose the goal to be enrolling in your email list or competing a transaction in Paypal or some other payment system.
4. Add some code to the goal page.
5. Start the experiment.

You’ll need some conversions over time so Google can tell you which page is outperforming the others. Some people run multiple tests – once a winner is found from the first batch they create a second batch with slight variations around the winning pages format from round 1. They test again to find the ultimate winner.

This is free. Top internet marketing experts highly recommend this for sales pages.