Is Your Business Website Just a Business Card?

I see this a lot, business owners that look at their business website as nothing more than a fancy digital business card. Their sites are not interactive and don’t do much beyond just giving information as a paper business card does. When people arrive at your site what do they see? Is your site basically … Read more Is Your Business Website Just a Business Card?

State of Online Business?

As the world falls down around us – those with businesses on the internet are still standing… and climbing up through the rubble. There are piles of money to be made online – and many people are just smashing their own personal income records, and setting new ones. There are more millionaires now in the … Read more State of Online Business?

What is Inc. Answers About?

Here’s an interesting free service that attempts to show in graphical form what a website or group of words is all about. It’s a text cloud that shows frequently used words in as larger and less frequently used words as smaller. The most common English words were removed from the result. Actually I’ll do … Read more What is Inc. Answers About?