State of Online Business?

As the world falls down around us – those with businesses on the internet are still standing… and climbing up through the rubble.

There are piles of money to be made online – and many people are just smashing their own personal income records, and setting new ones. There are more millionaires now in the USA than ever before… and, there are more internet-made millionaires than there are those with other backgrounds. (just a guess, not based on facts – don’t quote me.)

You know who is successful online? Those that are consistent. You can have the greatest idea ever… and if your implementation is not consistent… you’re dead in the water… you’re like a starfish – arms open wide for help… and none coming.

Personally, I think right now is the best time in the history of the internet – to SELL SOMETHING. Probably your mindset is a regional one… you see what you can see around you. Your friends, their friends… your family. You.

I see it differently. Almost daily I’m meeting people from Germany, Belgium, Malaysia, China, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, UK, Australia, Canada, and 75 other places. These people are on vacation in Thailand. They have the money and the time to go across the world… or 1000’s of kilometers – and see what makes Thailand so special.

Ebusiness is fueling many of these dreams. I meet many people that have their own online businesses. I meet many more that WANT one, because they are doing well enough at what they’re doing (dead-end job working for someone else) but they want MORE from life. They want to move across the world and live in a place where everything is different. They want to expand their world view.

Internet business – ebusiness – can give you that.

Two months ago I started a project that is now climbing the mountain of success. We’re about 1/4 of the way where we want to be, but, already – we’re killing the niche. My partner and I put about 50 hours each into the project before getting started. Now that we’re started – we’re putting a couple hours each into it daily.

It’s a HIGHLY competitive niche.

We’re still killing it.

The only way this happens is – knowledge, and consistent application of your fingers to the keyboard. There is a BOATLOAD of stuff that needs done – and it’s mostly marketing, once you get started.

Start 3-4 projects – I mean – PUSH yourself to start 3-4 good projects… beat yourself up every day and get the work done. Work hard on them for 6 months, a year – in spare time – whatever you HAVE…

Then – take a look at which one is most promising.

And then clobber that niche… that idea.

You need to find out what works for YOU. Not for me. Not for my partner. Not for Shoemoney or Adam somebody – forgot his name, don’t read much anymore at other sites – too busy.

The only way to find out what works for you – is to DO STUFF. Get started and GO. Find something that works for you – something you have a talent with and you are driven to do.

Otherwise – you’ll be in the same place you are now – next year. And, the year after, and so on, and so on, and so on…

Don’t be in the same place.

GO, GO, GO!!!