Starting an eBusiness? Don’t Do This…

Starting an eBusiness requires some amount of RISK.

If you can’t spend $1,000 on an idea that you hope is going to transform your lifestyle and earn you a few thousand dollars per month (at least!) then you should drop out of the game and go get a job working for someone else nine hours a day like most people do.

Roll of $100 Dollar bills

I accept small projects when it’s to my advantage and when I think I can do something for the entrepreneur. Recently I faced a tough call.

In this case it was a company I’ve worked with in the past that wanted me to optimize a site for Google that they had designed. The owner of this site wanted to try out his business idea.

I looked at the site and told my friend – it won’t work. The idea was lame. SUPER lame. Plus, the site was not well designed. The idea was not well thought through. There was a need for a site like this – but nobody would pay for the information like this owner wanted. Basically he wanted someone to pay him $25.00 if they had a question they needed answered about life in Thailand.

Now, it’s difficult to find good information in Thailand but, it’s not $25.00 difficult. In Thailand $25.00 can almost buy you breakfast for a month.

Anyway. So, I told them what I thought. He said the guy really wants to try it and see what happens. He said the owner was committed to pay me $300 per month for 3 months and he wanted to try it and see some results and then would continue from there.

I said honestly, “In 3 months there will be little to no results on the SEO/Google side of things.”

They didn’t care – the guy wanted me to try… I faced a moral dilemma because realistically, logically there would be no gains in 3 months. Pagerank might go up to 1 or 2. The site would be spidered, there would be a few people going there but not many from Google or Yahoo.

I decided to do it, since I made it crystal clear that nothing would happen on the SEO side. What else could I do? I can’t turn away cash – I’m not at that point yet. I could turn away cash for something immoral, but for something stupid – what I could do? This wasn’t my client. My client was the company calling me to fix it. They needed my help.

Long story short. I did all I could with the $300 they gave me over the first month. Two days ago the company told me – Oh, the owner isn’t putting any more money into this idea – he got no sales over this month at all.

Ha! Really? Was someone expecting sales within a month?

Wow. So, this is how not to start a business or even test an idea.

An idea needs time to get going. I have websites that have been germinating for 8 months now. It’s like they’re flowers waiting to sprout… they’re waiting for Spring… Internet Spring – which means – about 1 year.

Recently I saw big jumps in traffic to sites I’ve had for two and three years. NICE jumps.

What I’m saying is… if you’re not going to put a ton of money into a site or idea to find out if it really works, then you MUST let it cook for a LONG TIME.

It’s one or the other. And, if you’re slow-cooking you need to be adding content, and optimizing the site over that year or two years.

The days of big success in less than 6 months are GONE for those without big cash reserves to finance it. Literally it’s not going to happen unless you win the lotto and you hit virally and blast off for pluto (which is not a planet anymore if you didn’t hear… lol).

There are so many people that have ideas and want to try them online.

There are so many people that don’t know HOW to go about it.

There are so many people that can use the EBusiness PRIMER 34 course here to learn everything they need to know to test their new business or idea and see if it’s going to work for them.

In this case the owner spent $300 on me + markup by the company + company cost to develop the site + copywriting + hosting + banner ads at other popular sites. He probably through away $1,000.

Instead, he could have spent much less than that on the EBusiness PRIMER 34 course and been able to do his own testing on many ideas from then on.

Oh wait, he blew $1,000. He could also buy the EBusiness PRO subscription for himself and both of these elearning courses for 2 of his best friends – all for about $1,000.

Don’t do what this guy did….

3 thoughts on “Starting an eBusiness? Don’t Do This…”

  1. One of the biggest things people are missing in the online marketing world is establishing yourself. Like you’ve been doing for years is establishing your sites as a portal of good, fun, interesting information about Thailand and the many other subjects you have going. Who is this guy to have THE answer to someone’s question. A $25 answer better come from someone I can trust or someone I know already. What they should do is set up a better marketing strategy such as giving away free info first so they become the masters of the universe( I mean Thailand).
    I would buy a crappy pair of kicks from Michael Jordan over the coolest looking pair from a chump. It’s marketing 101 people, get it right.

    • Thanks for the comment. Right. The hot word a lot of top bloggers are throwing around for “establishing yourself” is preeminence. I haven’t consciously tried to build it, and there are others far wiser than I am about goings on in Thailand – but, right – that’s the most basic thing the guy was missing with his idea. Who was he? I haven’t a clue. I’ve never heard of him before and wouldn’t think of paying him money to ask a question about Thailand. I don’t think anyone would. Even for someone others knew and respected… to pay to get the answer would seem kind of ridiculous.

      Your idea is right on… for someone to be able to pull this off they need to have a free forum for a while and answer questions – all kinds of questions with the right answer… Answers should be researched, and delivered in a way that facilitates understanding. Show we should pay you to answer questions about visa issues, banking issues, buying homes, medical information, etc.

      I can’t give you the url because there’s no reason to ‘out’ the guy. It could be any of a thousand different entrepreneurs here in Thailand that don’t have a clue what they’re doing. I feel badly for anyone who spends a grand and gets nothing in return… The big problem is that he’s likely going to try a lot of ideas in the same manner… try it for a month, two months… throw in the towel when he doesn’t make bank. Next idea… and so on.

      That’s really the big problem… The main focus of this blog is helping people learn some realistic approaches that work.

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