Starting a Business During the Recession? (Links)

Here are some articles about starting a business during this recession that you might find interesting. There are many people just beginning a new business during this time. Some think there are advantages to starting a new business during a recession or a period of slow growth.

Articles about starting a new business during the recession:

Dave Saunders talks about “How Smart People Protect Themselves During a Recession” and gives some options for keeping safe as well as growing your business during recession.

From the business section of the Times Online in the UK (our friends in England) comes “Why to Start a Business During a Recession“. Despite them being separated from the USA by the Atlantic Ocean their ideas can still be relevant to US business owners. American business owners need to read whatever you can get your hands on – including international business news like this. Don’t miss this excellent article from the BBC.

Should you change your business focus during a recession? This is a short article with good points to follow during a recession.

3 main points of this article:

  • Plan your future market strategy
  • When business contracts, go broader and deeper
  • Get in the business networking mix