Selling Tangible Products Online

Stop Sucking Ebay’s Teat!

Someone left a comment at a friend’s blog about selling on Ebay and it brought me back about 12 years when my brother and I were selling fatburners and creatine on Ebay. We weren’t “killing it” – but, netting well over $2,000 per month was nice change back then, considering we were both making $80,000+ at our 9-5 jobs. It was a nice bonus. It bought me a boat, new camcorder, and part of a 2nd sports car I had wanted for a while. Am I an ass for saying it? I don’t know, usually I just say it like it is.

The commenter was complaining that Ebay had changed. Yep, it sure has changed. Used to be you could sell the hell out of something. Just put it up at a good price and sell many copies of something. Today? Nope. Good luck. Ebay is a tough nut to crack, and really, there’s no point in trying to crack it either.

Instead, sell your products at your own site. Use Ebay to drive traffic occasionally – maybe an ad a week or more will drive people to your site that are interested in your niche. They’ll remember it if it’s memorable, and come back – buying something someday.

Selling some THING online puts you in a different game than those that sell digital products. People across the globe STILL want tangible things… food, clothes, makeup, paper maps, giant posters of beautiful scenes, jewelry, books, etc.

You should spend immense amounts of time to find a product that you can sell online. of course you’ll need to hook up with a wholesaler, or directly with a manufacturer, but that is a crucial part of the game. Winners win the game by doing this. Losers quit when, “it’s too hard to find someone to supply me with x.”

Be a winner. Wreck your brain to find someone that has a product in abundance to sell to you at scandalously low prices, that you can then resell. Keep in mind things like shipping, returns, packaging, and building a very big business over time.

Stop looking for the quick game winner – you likely won’t be the 1 out of 280,000 trying, that nails it. Forget that… a strong effort over the course of 1-2 years is the best plan of attack. I’ve seen it hundreds of times in people I know. In myself. Sell digital products if you have the know-how, but do NOT neglect tangible items people hold in their hands. How many people do you know that own socks? Every fucking body. How many people eat? Yeah, all of them. How many want what’s best for their kids and buy children’s books? All of them. How many use vitamins? Nearly everyone.

Hit a big market. Sell something amazing – that makes people feel good. Use excellent photography. Don’t mark it up too crazy – just make a profit and build for some years… build a network of people that love your stuff.

Stop selling stuff on your site… list it and tell about it. Stop all exclamation points. Stop all hype – NOW. Just stop, so few people fall for that style… just show what you have. Tell benefits. Shoot videos about it. Tell people why they need it – assuming they need it.

If they don’t need it – change what you’re selling, you’re playing the wrong game.

Best of luck and life.