Podcasting for Dollars

A few weeks back I created a post at AimforAwesome.com where I talked about a business idea and model really for new online entrepreneurs that didn’t have many technical skills but that wanted to break into the world of online business and make a killing.

I talked about podcasting other people’s content and how to go about partnering up with a top blogger in any field you have interest in and recording podcasts of you (or someone) reading the top blogger’s article out loud for an audio mp3 file.

The idea is that you offer the blogger to do them for free. You spend a hundred hours or more recording all the posts the blogger ever did and you send the person the files so they can put them on their site as a value-added service. I’m thinking a monthly membership might work – or a CD-ROM of all the current files and new CD’s released monthly or something like that. Probably the membership would work better because as each article was written visitors could listen to the new podcast of it sooner than every month when a CD came out.

I’ve not heard this idea anywhere else, though I’m sure someone else had the same one at some point. I really wanted someone to pick it up and run with it that wanted a successful online business. I love to see people DOING something that I suggest. I know it will work, I just want to watch someone do it.

Now someone did. I received an email from Jozef Nagy from JozefNagy.com. He created a test podcast of my post about creating podcasts from other people’s content!

Not only is Jozef’s voice great for podcasting, but the audio sounds clean and crisp. Plus, he’s turned the audio into a manageable 5MB file for the 10 minute talk.  Though this is one of his first podcasts ever it is already at a very high level and he could basically start today.

He’s drawing up a business plan and model right now as I write this.

If anyone wants to have Jozef transform their podcasts into mp3 format – just look him up at his site and I’m sure he’ll be happy to talk with you about it.

Best of Luck to Jozef and anyone else that uses this simple idea to create their own online empire!