Online Lead Generation

leadsGenerating leads online is a science. There are many ways to accomplish lead generation online. Let’s take a brief look at a couple of them.

Email Signature Link

Some business owners put a link in their email signature that directs users to “Join our Business Newsletter”. This is an effective use of the signature space. Experimentation with the exact wording will show what copy is most effective.

Others put a link to a video or other multimedia presentation that contain links within them to join their newsletter mailing list. This second method is especially successful if you have a great presentation for your products or services and it entices people to want to hear more through your newsletters.

On-site Forms and Pop-ups

Popup was a dirty word for a while, but when they’re used for something that people actually want – they can be a great tool. Adding subscribers to your email list database can be accomplished through use of an online form that is always visible or a pop-up that comes in various configurations and forces your visitor to choose – either enter contact information or close the pop-up.

There are many ways to optimize your subscription rate using this method. We cover these in-depth in our Lead Generation 2.0 eLearning Course.

The Swap

Offer something for free on your site that visitors can receive if they sign up to your mailing list. This is very effective because it’s generally understood that one doesn’t receive something for nothing.

When visitors see the offer many will enter their email and name to be able to receive your “free” product.  You might think that you’d have a high percentage of people immediately unsubscribe immediately after receiving their free product. Not so. Time after time I’ve implemented this method on all sorts of websites and found that only a small percentage of visitors unsubscribe immediately after receiving their freebie.

Again, I go through this method step-by-step in the Lead Generation 2.0 eLearning Course. There are more than 5 more methods covered in this course, all of which you’ll want to try just for their simplicity and pure effectiveness.