Online Business: 2-3 Year Plan

The future of your online business - what does it look like?
The future of your online business – what does it look like?

I was writing a friend about what I’m planning over the next few years with online business and I thought I should share with you why I’m thinking about 2+ years into the future and not today.

Domains – websites – are taking a couple of years to get going well and to build up the trust that Google needs to have in them to really start grabbing top search engine ranking. I’ve found consistently that domains I have over 2 years really start to jump in the rankings.

That doesn’t mean that all domains jump at 2 years. There needs to be a website in place. Your site needs to have quality pages with unique information about whatever niche you’re focused on. There needs to be some kind of progression over the years – additions of new content… maintenance… links from other sites gradually adding up over the 2 years. If you do these things then in two years your site will be able to start competing with websites that have been around for 10 years or more. There are these small Google trust levels that continue to build over the life of your site and that you’ll really see start to kick in at 1 yr., 2 yrs., 3 yrs. and so on.

So, it’s necessary to start thinking now about where you want your online business focus to be in 2 or 3 years. What space do you want to compete in? Is this a space that’s able to take advantage of all the social media changes  taking place? Recent changes like – social media tools becoming important to your website ranking. How often links to your site get passed around on Twitter or Facebook is becoming important.

What about multimedia? Will you be able to add substantial amounts of video to a site with your chosen focus? Can your site be viewed on a mobile phone? There are a lot of considerations when looking at a business for the future. The ideal business is one you can really capitalize on and that will take advantage of the changes that are coming.

For myself I know that I want to be very entrenched in the online business start-up space. I want people to know that I’m a no-hype mentor for helping entrepreneurs start their ebusiness and growing it to successful levels. I want to give people the skills they need to create a very successful ebusiness, with the realistic outlook of it being great within 2-3 years, not 2-3 months. I’m big on reality.

That said, there are things you can do to become wildly successful before that. It takes a huge amount of work and most people aren’t dedicated enough to make it happen. Most think they can – and so when they start their ebusiness they give it an all out effort for a couple months… 6 months… even a year. When they aren’t enjoying ridiculous levels of success they move onto something else – whatever the online marketing gurus are pushing at the time.

Where do you want to be in two or three years?

If you want to run your idea by me – you can leave a comment here or email me directly and I’ll give you my view on it.