New Video Advertising Idea

Video viewing has exploded and is only getting bigger. My own videos at YouTube have had about 1.5 million views and are currently doing between 5-10,000 views per day on average.

I was thinking about that today and I came up with an idea for myself that might also fit your situation as well.

If you have a lot of successful videos at YouTube or even just a couple and you want to make money from them, and you can’t get into the YouTube partner program where you’ll get paid for viewers of your videos that click on the ad… this might be for you.

Well, wait a minute… even if you are part of YouTube’s partner program and you’re showing Adsense ads you might be able to do this in addition to that. I need to check that.

What I might do is…

Create a small ad on my site that says, “Want 1.5 million views of your 300×250 (or larger) ad?”

I can sell a spot on all of my videos, to a company that wants to be seen. The clicks on the video will not go anywhere – meaning, I’m not an advertiser on YouTube and so I can’t setup a link that would take people to the company’s site that is advertising with me – but, the ad can be a razor sharp image that plays after the title in my YouTube video, and just before the content starts. I can also add a couple frames into the videos if I want, to increase the number of impressions a video viewer will see.

I could even put 2-4 short(1-2 seconds) static 300×250 ads in a row – maybe with words on them that create a sentence… like first board shows: “Do you need…”

The second board might say, “to crank…”

And the third, “up your website TRAFFIC?”

Then the 4th board might show a SEO specialist’s website and contact info – if she were advertising on my site.

You get the idea…

There are videos that show over a million times on YouTube… if you had one and could promise a company a million views – what would that be worth?

What if you ran a 4 slide series like I gave as an example? What would that be worth I wonder…?

How many ads could you run on one 2 minute video? One company at the beginning and one at the end?

I wonder what the partner program’s policy is on this – I must look it up – I’ll update this post as I figure it out.

One cool thing to note is that using your videos in the YouTube partner program does not preclude you using them somewhere else. This is from YouTube’s site:

Non-Exclusive Agreement – YouTube doesn’t restrict where you can upload and distribute your videos so you can monetize it via YouTube and still use it elsewhere.

Nice… right?

If you try this – be sure to let us know, and how much you’re charging per 1,000 views.

Best of Luck!