New Online Business Idea – Audio Books

If there is one area that is being neglected at the moment with ebooks and video taking center stage – it’s audio books.

We spend a lot of time in our vehicles. You can’t read a paperback book, ebook, or watch a video in your vehicle. What you can do is listen to an audio book on mp3.

A couple of years back I posted on about a good way for someone to break into an online business that was (and is to my knowledge, still) wide open. I told my readers to find the top blogs in a certain niche – internet marketing, and start writing query letters to see if they could turn the articles these top bloggers had written, into audio articles.

I’m going to take it a step further here and suggest that you contact top book authors – Joe Konrath comes to mind, and ask if he is interested in having you turn his very successful ebooks into audio book versions. Currently Joe is experiencing unexpected growth in the sales of his ebooks – he’s one of the new group of ebook authors that have foregone the traditional publishing path, and created their own ebooks – self published, and are raking in the cash.

Funny enough, very, VERY few of these authors are doing anything with the audio rights to their books. That’s where you might step in. Find a few people with great voices and turn their already successful books into audio books for which you share a percentage of sales. I guess I would ask for 25-35% of royalties, or you could ask a one-time payment, but royalties will come out much better for you with successful books. With unproven authors you could ask for a one-time payment to cover your service.

If you became a preferred provider for some of the top authors, you could do quite well.

Whatever happens, don’t forget to incorporate your new Florida business!

Best of luck to you!