My Twitter Page Has PageRank 7?

PageRank 7. Used to be not showing at all.
PageRank 7. Used to be not showing at all.

I’ve not twatted (rhymes with fat, not bought) much lately but I stopped by my Twitter home page and saw the page rank indicator for Google at 7/10. (see red arrow). That’s smoking. I’ve no idea why that happened yet, but I’ll look into it.

The link to my main site is there on the right (blue arrow). If it’s a true PR7 I wonder why my PR dropped at AFA from a PR5 to a PR4 just the other day. Traffic has been increasing steadily regardless – but, just curious.

I think PR is fast becoming completely meaningless except as a barometer of whether Google has any love for your site at all. PR nothing sites may have done something wrong. PR1 sites are just starting out and not fully indexed yet. PR3 and above seems to be where most decent sites are.

PR7? That’s nice…