My #1 Video Result in Google

Video results across the search engines are becoming widespread. Videos are gaining importance because they engage users in a much more exciting way than plain text and images. Video ads movement, sound, body language, and other dynamics that people find interesting to watch. Video is more viral than any written post or photo.

Using video in your ebusiness marketing is essential today, and becoming more and more essential as the days pass. I’ve been saying since 1998 that video is crucial to ebusiness marketing, and I’ve created training programs on video for SEO and internet marketing in the past that included segments on adding video to your business marketing efforts.

YouTube = video. I’ve shot and uploaded 139 videos to YouTube over the past 2 or so years from Thailand. I focused on some strange subjects that would go a bit viral and get me some views. Right now I’m up to 1.5 million views.

This morning I was searching Google for something and I did a general search on “thailand”. Instead of search web pages I chose the video link at the top – beside where you can choose images.

I was pretty surprised (and happy) to see that one of my videos had the highest listing possible (top left in the displayed image below), and it even had a light blue background.

Then I was more excited to see a YouTube video box pop up right there on the results page – on the right – (the black square was actually playing my video, but, it didn’t render with this screencapture program).

Then I got even more excited when I realized 2 more of my Thailand videos were displaying under that video that was playing. Can you say “monopolizing Google results”????

(Click image to enlarge)

So, as I’ve been saying… video is the wave of the future – but, it’s here now. If you’re not creating video for your website you’re missing out on some important traffic. The reason is – many search engines and websites are now focusing on video as the most desired content on the net. If you only have text and images on your site you’re going to be left behind.

Get yourself some video as soon as you can. Plan something to shoot today. Get yourself a Sony Cybershot H20 that shoots 1280x720p video and get it done!

Don’t be left behind – because the video revolution is going to last a very long time. Because, what’s next? Holograms or other 3-D media which is still a looooong way off. Get into video while the getting is still good.

Here’s my crazy Thailand YouTube video channel:

If you have a Google Pagerank detector installed you can see that this page has a PR 4. Not bad. Google takes care of it’s own!

Here’s how I integrate my YouTube channel into one of my Thailand focused sites. (right side – maybe need to scroll a bit).