Most Internet Marketers Are Selling Sea Monkeys

A great article over at Copyblogger today talked about how when you were a kid you saw this ad in the comic books and bazooka bubblegum wrappers?

They were said to dance, learn cool stuff and they had images of these things like something from Dr. Suess’s mind bouncing around all happy and carefree. There were families of them – all naked. I remember wondering – what do these things look like naked?

Every one of us from my era has looked at those ads as a kid and wondered – is this TRUE? Even as kids many of us were already skeptical enough after having bought the handshake shocker that was nothing more than a cheap metal spring-loaded windup toy that vibrated when someone grabbed your hand hard enough – but usually didn’t work at all.

Most internet marketers and salespeople today are selling a false dream. Really. I’m disgusted with what I see.

Sea Monkey Salespersons sell:

  • a dream that never materializes
  • too good to be true products or services
  • using lies, deceit, tricks
  • knowing full-well there is no real benefit to the customer because the product or service is either worthless or is only part of the solution – not the whole solution

I really think we should start jailing internet marketers selling junk. It’s a crime – especially in these hard times where people are looking online for solutions to help them and their family get out of debt and move toward something that is going to HELP, not hurt them.

When did it become OK, even “Status Quo” for salespeople to lie to people they’re selling to?

It’s been going on blatantly for a very long time. I think Sea Monkeys were out since the mid 1970’s. Think this ad accurately depicts what you get for $13+ dollars?

When does it stop being OK to lie in advertising?