How I’ve made Money Online since 1999

OK, here it is, Month 2 Income Report. This is where I let you all see where the money is coming from.

March was a good month because I started a couple of new projects.

Here’s a little bit about How I’ve Made Money Online for 15 Years:

  • Selling nutritional supplements on EBay.
  • Selling digital training products on EBay in CD-ROM and later, DVD format.
  • Selling information pamphlets (Word Docs) on Ebay.
  • Selling my SEO services from my websites and ads on other people’s sites.
  • EBay store – selling training products for a company I used to work for.
  • Selling digital training products for that company on my own website.
  • Affiliate sales for companies with their own digital products: books, training software.
  • SEO services for individuals with websites.
  • SEO for companies across the USA – I was a short-term consultant taking contracts of 2-6 months to help ramp up companies’ search results – especially for Google.
  • Google Adsense, Yahoo PPC, Other PPC programs that I can’t even remember the names of.
  • Selling space on my websites to companies that wanted to advertise in sidebar mostly, but also text links within body of posts and pages.
  • I started a network of Thailand websites and offered those that joined 50% of ad revenue (Adsense) that did very well for a while.
  • I wrote 36 eBooks and sold them on Amazon, Apple, Sony, Barnes & Noble, Google, etc.
  • Affiliate for book sales at and, Commission Junction, ClickBank.
  • YouTube – I have over 500 videos on YouTube at one of my channels, and there were 23,000,000 views and 13,000+ subscribers. I have been a YouTube partner since they started the program. My wife has 3,000,000 views and 13,000 subscribers to her channel.
  • Stock photography. I was a photographer years ago in New York City. I shot stock photos in Thailand when I arrived and sold them at a couple stock agencies.
  • Retail e-Commerce sites selling various tangible goods.
  • Email marketing for my retail site

So you can see, I didn’t just start internet marketing in 2010 like many experts out there. I started way back, old school you might say. Heck, I’m 48, so yeah, lets call it OLD school.

So here is a rundown of what March 2015 looked like. I’m still getting funds sent to me that will take a few days, but I know what the amounts will be. March was slightly better than February – which is always a very good direction to be headed – UP.


  • ScreenFlow Software for MAC-OS – $99
  • Knownhost hosting – $60
  • Domain names – I bought a domain name for a quick project that will take me a week to get up and running. I’ll detail that later. Stay tuned. Join if you haven’t already.
  • E-Junkie digital fulfillment service ($15)


  • Ebooks at Amazon, Smashwords, and our own websites ($615)
  • YouTube partner account, over 350,000 views – $513
  • Retail e-commerce websites selling items from Thailand – $2,385
  • Commissions at tours sold – $85
  • Donations at – $29
  • OneMonth affiliate sales from site – $299.
  • Google Adsense – $128. At times I throw some ads up to grab some cash. I don’t enjoy ads on my sites consistently, but occasionally works for me.

That’s it! Well, as far as income, I wasn’t expecting to earn anything this month. Then I decided to make a push for a couple subscribes at Bluehost to see if I could grab a couple of their $100 commissions during a special drive. Three hundred dollars is nice extra money. Could buy a few pizzas with that. Hmm, that sounds good for tomorrow!

So, as you can see, I added the income from a couple more projects to the mix for March and the income has come up to $4,054 in March. That is decent, but the real goal is to go for tens of thousands per month. I want to be making $10,000 per month by the end of June. Ninety days to make $10,000.

As a sidenote, I just applied to Neil Patel’s offer of training three people from around the world to become successful internet marketing champs. I really hope he chooses me. I’d love it with Neil watching my back as I climb to $30K per month.

How cool would that be?

My big focus right now is my small project and getting IncZen and cranking. I think there is real potential for both. I am finding it difficult to climb through the ranks on search – which is expected because I’ve only been live with my new sites for over a month. The internet marketing space is insanely competitive.


I am basically a screaming mouthpiece for this site because I know that so many of you can be helped if you’d just MOVE FORWARD.


That’s what it takes – one decision – to go toward something that looks like a pipe-dream right now. It may not feel REAL to you right now because you’re not here and doing it like I’ve been doing for a decade and a half. When my brother and I were on the phone with each other in 1999 bewildered at how we were selling hundreds and then thousands of nutritional supplements on EBay – we were in a daze.

I’m still in sort of a daze – how does $4K come in without me doing anything much? It’s phenomenal, but yeah, it’s like a dream.

But, the difference between you and I, and the difference between you and EVERYONE ELSE that is making it online – making crazy money – $30,000 per month, 120,000 per month is…

You know what it is?


I want you to get yours too. It’s ridiculous that so few people are moving forward on this. It HURTS.

My brother is working as a software tester with a company in New York. He’s making around $90,000 per year with his benefits package. That’s decent. Probably many of you couldn’t find fault with that.

YOU’D TAKE IT, right?

I wouldn’t take it. No way in HELL I would take it. I’m over that. I’ve gone without trading dollars for hours for almost a decade now. I couldn’t POSSIBLY go back.

And yet I can’t convince my brother to save some cash and go ALL IN WITH ME in 2015.

I cannot convince my BROTHER! He SEES IT. He knows I’m living in Thailand. He KNOWS I have a car, a townhouse, a family. He KNOWS I’m going running the middle of the day whenever I want. He KNOWS I’ve got many online projects going on. He KNOWS I’ve written so many books I can’t count them. He KNOWS I’ve got a great little e-commerce biz going.

He KNOWS SO MUCH about me, about this.

He doesn’t really understand that it could be REAL FOR HIM TOO.

That’s the thing.

Until you understand that it can be REAL FOR YOU TOO, you’ll continue trading hours for dollars.

You either have to:

DO IT NOW – move forward 


Give up and work more hours to make more money.

Up to you.

I don’t know what else I can do. Jump through hoops of fire screaming – YOU GOTTA DO THIS!!!

I don’t know if that would help some of you ‘get it.’

I want you so badly to GET IT.

Making passive income is the ultimate.

It’s real.

Put in the work and let’s do this.

Today, like yesterday and for the last 5,430 mornings I’ve been waking up to passive income. It’s like money raining on my head. It isn’t always a lot of money, but it is CONSTANTLY raining money over my head, and that isn’t going to stop in any foreseeable future. It hasn’t stopped for fifteen years, why should it stop now?