Making Money with Video – Difficult?

If you can hit “record” on your video camcorder you might be able to make a couple thousand dollars for your effort.

I did a search on YouTube for “funny videos” and sorted by views and length < 4 minutes.

Here are a couple that I found.

If you were in the YouTube Partner program you’d make about $800 for every million views of your video that have advertisements on them. With these 5 videos you could have made $67,520.

Not that difficult… all you need to do basically is hit record a lot…

Blood, 19.3 million views >

Ask her about monsters, 2.5 million views >

Laughing, 28 million views >

I don’t like you mommy, 34.6 million views >
Is this one that brilliant to deserve this many views?

Have you seen the Remi Gaillard videos – the guy from France that does whacky stuff? He has over 263 million views of his videos.

It is not that difficult to make money with YouTube videos – do you have it in you?