Making Money with an Authority Website

The following is a guest post written by Patrick Meninga of Make Money With No Work. He recently built and sold a website for $200,000 dollars.

I want to talk about building an authority website today, and how you might create one for yourself in order to generate income.

There are many different kinds of websites you might create. For example, you might make a niche website that is relatively small and only targets a single keyword. Or you might create an e-commerce store that focuses on selling products.

But an authority website is a bit different. Instead of exploiting the web for inefficiencies in order to produce income, the authority website model seeks to create income by offering real value to people.

Other types of websites may offer value to the site visitor as well, but an authority website thrives on delivering value. If it does not, then it is essentially just a bunch of spam that will eventually be penalized by the search engines.

Quality content

The main key in building a successful authority website is in delivering quality content.

If you read the A-list blogging crowd then you are probably sick of hearing about “quality content” by now.

But the fact is, your business is not sustainable if it just a bunch of “me-too” content.

For example, if you go to Google and do a search for your keyword, you can probably find hundreds or even thousands of articles about your topic.

Then go to eZine Articles and do another search for your topic. Notice that there are thousands of articles about it. Glance through and read some of them.

Recognize that the content that you create for your website has to be far, far better than everything you just read.

The web is a sea of spam, and several hundred thousand new blogs are created every month. Every month!

So ask yourself: “How am I going to stand out from all of that spam? How am I going to build a brand online, and get people to share my stuff with each other?”

You have to create something amazing. You can do this by creating articles that are:

* Extremely in-depth.
* Very detailed.
* Helpful, unique, insightful.
* Original ideas not found elsewhere on the web.
* Unique presentation that is lacking on the web. For example, video or eBooks in a niche where none currently exist, etc.

Building an authority website means that you have to deliver unique, remarkable, and high quality content.

High volume

Ever hear of “volume blogging?”

The idea is that the title of each article you publish has a lot of power to be able to rank for long tail keyword phrases.

Therefore, one approach to building an authority website is to publish lots of articles that each target a unique long tail phrase.

This is a very powerful and somewhat dangerous approach.

What is the danger?

The danger is that most people allow their quality to drop as they try to push out higher volumes of content. This is only natural, and is very difficult to overcome.

One of the best ways to deal with this is to have a daily quota for yourself.

My recommendation is 3 articles.

This may take a while to build up to. Publish 3 articles on your website in a single day, and evaluate your quality level. Is it still up to your high standards?

If not, you may have to settle for one or two articles per day for a while, until your speed increases.

As you continue to write, your speed and quality will go up over time. This is especially true given that you will be publishing about the same topic over a long period of time.

Keep pushing yourself until you can publish 3 quality articles each and every day.

If you can maintain that quota, that is over 1,000 articles per year.

This will get you to a very healthy online income in a very reasonable amount of time.

The bonus is that if your quality is really high and you have good insight and expertise on your topic, then your income will be very sustainable and durable as well.

Making money with your authority website

There are many different ways to make money from an authority website, but I would urge you to focus on traffic generation for at least the first year.

After that, you can easily test different methods of monetization to see which ones pay off the best.

AdSense is a powerful option because there are so many advertisers bidding for the ad space, and it is extremely easy to implement. It is also fairly easy to optimize.

Once you have run AdSense for a month or so, you can get an idea of what your current traffic is worth. Then you can test other forms of monetization against this, and see which performs the best.

When I created my authority website, it took me about 300 hours to write approximately one million words of content on 1,500 articles.

The website went on to earn up to $2,250 dollars per month in AdSense, and I eventually sold the website for $200,000 dollars.

Thus, my dollar-per-hour earnings when creating that website was somewhere around $900 dollars per hour. Not bad work if you can get it.

And I believe that anyone can achieve those kind of numbers, but very few people actually will, because the probationary period is so long these days (Google will not send you free search engine traffic for several months, because so many new spam websites appear every day).

Building an authority website is a labor of love, but I still believe it is one of the best choices for online income, because the resulting income is relatively stable. Smaller niche sites have less trust and can easily be crushed in algorithm updates.

If you want to learn more about building authority websites, check out Patrick’s website about making passive money online.

Vern’s Note: As you know, if you’re a reader at this site, or my site, I don’t accept guest bloggers that I don’t personally know, respect, and idolize. Patrick is that, and more – he is a friend that has freely given me heaps of help and inspiration over the years. He’s one of the “Good Guys” and there aren’t all that many in his niche! Thanks to Patrick for this guest post – you’re welcome to post again anytime!