Making Cash with YouTube – Yes, You

Youtube has long had a partner program where they pay money to you by running ads on top of, and beside your Youtube videos. It’s somewhat difficult to get into the program, but, once accepted you’ll make about $800 for every million page views. Not bad considering some of the video topics you’ll make money on. If you think you have enough views and interest in your Youtube videos and you are going to regularly make new ones you can apply to the Youtube Partner Program here ->

If you’ve tried to get into the partner program and couldn’t, now there is still a chance you can earn money on your popular videos. Youtube is looking at pageviews and virility of your video and once it meets certain standards will send you a message through Youtube Inbox to ask if you want to monetize your video.

This is a new program and is just rolling out – but you don’t want to miss that message because if you get it you’ll be on your way to making some extra cash.

If you don’t have any videos that are getting high pageviews you should do some searches today and find out what topics you could do videos about – are getting high pageviews. You can sort your search results by highest views…

Can you replicate any of the top videos?

Youtube is another revenue source in the big picture – go get you some if you’re into making video!