Learning SWIFT | First Steps

I’ve been wearing a smile for months now. Learn SWIFT Code and you will too.

If you’re wondering how to go about starting to learn SWIFT coding, have a look at this page. I’ll share my process so you can follow along and do the same thing.

If you’d rather watch a video – I did that too!

Initially, I started the Code With Chris video series on YouTube. Watched about 12 of those videos. I liked them, but I wished I could ask questions! I’d love to have someone personally teaching me right here. Problem is, I’m in Thailand and there are VERY few digital nomads here in my area, and fewer still that know anything about Apple’s latest programming language for IOS.

Ideally, you’d pay someone to learn from directly. You’d do everything I list here and on future blog posts here – AND have someone there beside you to guide and answer any questions you’ll have. You will have LOTS of questions.

I did it teacherless. I had nobody. So, I filled my head with as many free tutorials as possible before deciding where to spend my money on a paid course. A paid course will give you access to someone who knows SWIFT and hopefully someone who will answer questions you have because they are holding a chunk of your cash in their pocket. Hell, they probably just bought a new MacBook Pro 15-inch retina with the money you gave to them. Anyway…

I’ll list links to some of the video tutorials I’ve watched. There are a bunch that are great.

What I did to learn SWIFT CODE was just filling my head with the vocabulary, the processes, the weirdness that is coding SWIFT. It’s weird because I’ve done HTML coding of webpages, some copy-paste Javascript and setting up PHP forms on my websites for the past 15 years, but actually coding something like an APP? Never.

When I first started watching SWIFT Tutorials I was swimming in a foreign sea. I was completely lost and I stopped and started this game over and over during 2015. Then I tried again in 2016. Then 2018, briefly. Now it’s 2019 and I’ve finally learned how to code SWIFT.

We can do this. Do the same thing as me right now. Follow my process and we’ll get this done.

I wasn’t super-smart in high school, but I finally got my shi* together in college. Still, math was lost on me. So, probably you’re better at math than me.

I’m better at you at absolutely crushing goals though. I’ve created over 100 websites online. I’ve written over 30 books. I got my MCSE. 10 MCPs. COMPTIA’s A+. About two dozen hardware maintenance certifications for DELL, IBM, HP, TOSHIBA and other computer systems. I learned how to fix HP laserjet printers for god’s sake. Learning SWIFT wasn’t a cakewalk for me, but I managed to DO IT.

I hope I can motivate you to come along with me and do this.!

Below is a list of teachers you can find on YouTube to start watching. Don’t just watch them once. Fill your head with them. Watch some that are especially good and that you like but don’t understand everything, a couple of times. A few times. Start understanding the flow of making Apps using XCode and writing SWIFT. Start figuring out the variables and other nonsense you have to know. Start trying to get an understanding of Arrays and Dictionaries. They’re very similar – but sound completely different.

Find out what camelCase is.

Know what the various operators are for multiplication, division, ranges…, : (otherwise), || (or) and so on. && even means something!

When you begin to get familiar with this stuff by playing it over and over – your mind starts building a cognitive schema. A lattice. A framework in your head where you can start hanging new words, new concepts, new ideas, new SWIFT weirdness. It’s crucial to get this schema built so you can start to feel more comfortable with all these alien concepts. SWIFT is alien, make no mistake about it.

If you need motivation, here are the 2 Things I MOTIVATE myself with over and over:

1. I have a couple of ideas for Apps that I think will do well if I can get them built pretty quickly. It’s the right timing for both of them, and nobody has done either of them from what I can find.

2. Money. I have been doing online business and marketing for 20 years now. I’ve made a bunch of money. I am slowly on the downtrend and losing heaps of cash with my projects. I’m just not motivated to keep trying to maintain them and create new online businesses, books, websites, content, videos, etc.

SWIFT gave me a way to to get paid for it as I learn. $20 an hour is fine for here in Thailand, to start. Then I worked up to 20-30/hr. I work about 80 hours a month and make somewhere around $2,200. All the while, learning a lot about SWIFT, as coding has many facets.

These two things have motivated me to keep pushing through and finish the main course I took – 527 lessons.



  • Watch THIS ONE first. I tell you EXACTLY which course is best, and why. I honestly can’t stop talking about this amazing course because it helped me FINALLY get over the hurdles, and learn to code in Swift. Oh, and you can probably get it for a VERY inexpensive price.
  • 300 SWIFT Language Tutorials – some good ones here. Nice and easy… washing your mind in this stuff.
  • Get THIS free SWIFTY App for iPhone and iPad. I have mine on the iPad and it’s quite cool. Unlock all functionality – (chapters) for about $4 USD. I haven’t unlocked them yet, but considering it.
  • How To Get Started in Programming? John Somez? Excellent series of videos about programming as a career… and then recently, he’s like Dear Abby – answering anything. Older videos focus on programming.
  • More motivation necessary? Try THIS – a list of the top 50 paying jobs in computer science – hint – mobile apps developer is way up there on the list. To me, that isn’t even that important. What IS important is that within a year, maybe LESS, you can be making your own apps – with the chance of really hitting something that goes big.