Is Your Blog Stalled Out? Revitalize it – in 31 Days – With the Master

31 Days to Build a Better Blog by Darren Rowse
31 Days to Build a Better Blog by Darren Rowse

I’ve knocked myself out building blogs over the last 3 years or so. I’ve learned tons of things over the years, and I’ve looked for guides that would help me over the first year – and never found what I needed. I was just stuck for great resources and finally did it all on my own. I’ve read thousands of posts about blogging – and how to ramp my sites up to get more traffic and to sell more products. I’ve had a looooong learning curve.

Recently there have been a number of great products coming out from people I admire, trust, and have no problem referring you to.

Darren Rowse – his name is synonymous with blogging – is the most accomplished blogger I know. He has more knowledge in his head about blogging than anyone alive. He’s truly the master.

You can learn a lot from a master.

I wasn’t sure I could learn something – as cocky as I am. I decided to get his 31 Days to Building a Better Blog workbook to see if I might be able to refer you to buy it because you might learn something.

I almost fell off my chair. The amount of great information Darren packed into this 31 day plan is astounding. I have to wonder how can a guy – one guy, put this much content out – consistently over the years… HOW? He’s done like 5,000 blog posts over 5 years of blogging. He’s put out ebooks, and speaks at conferences. He continually cranks out more content, and better content about blogging than any person on the face of the planet.

In short – he’s amazing and seems to be a very nice guy as well.

I found this 31 day program immensely helpful and I thought I knew it all.

This guide outlines a realistic 31 day program that will tighten up your blog and help get you on the right track.

I learned a LOT. I know you will learn a LOT too while going through the program.

Give it a shot!

Darren’s workbook is available here >

[Disclosure – I’ve purchased this guide myself and reviewed it. I’ve found it extremely helpful for me – and so I know you’ll get a lot of out of it too. I’ll make a small commission from the sales of Darren’s guide.]