Is Niche Targeting Dead?

Not at all I recently found out.

In the past I’ve not attempted to target a small, specific niche area that was very profitable and yet hard to break into. Usually I just go for the big stuff and it takes years of effort to grab a piece of the pie, but it’s worth it over the long-haul. Recently I wanted to see what happens in the short-term space – and found the micro-niche realm wide open with possibilities.

Before you call me a liar…

I’m not talking about niche areas like “skin cancer” or “florida lawyer” with 50,000+ searches and only a handful of competitor’s websites you need to beat out with your own site to own the space.

I’m talking about niche-niche areas. Niche sites built around keywords with 1,000-5,000 searches per month as listed in Google’s keyword tool. I’m talking about creating a site of 10-15 pages and building links to that site over a couple of months and actually having some residual income end up in your bank account every month.

It might be enough to make your car payment. It probably wont’ be enough to make your house payment – off one site. But, if you’re in it for the long-term – which I hope I’ve convinced you of by now… targeting niche sites over the next year, two years can bring you great gains.

I’ve gotta get to work…