Is Email Marketing the Ultimate Way to Market Your Business?

There are entire businesses that are based on just email today, as there were a decade ago. In the past the emails were untargeted and sent in large enough volume that a.05% click through rate gave the person sending emails a couple thousand dollars at a time. Do this over and over a few times each day and that’s a business. A great business as long as it’s legal.

Pay close attention – this is how some savvy online companies are using email as a model for their business.

Email companies first build sales pages called “landing pages”. This is where they will send potential buyers of their products. A landing page, and you’ve seen them before, are usually long and filled with product information. The entire purpose of the landing page is to create a sale for anyone that lands there. Another goal might be to collect an email address so a sale can be made at a later date and after some more email.

Converting these potential buyers to email leads so you can contact them later (permission based marketing) can give you nice profits over time. The typical strategy is to send numerous emails giving free value to the client before you ask them to buy something from you.

You might want to take a minute and look up “Adam Short” in Google. Adam devotes all his time to creating email campaigns for small niche sites he created to target small markets. At a count of 90+ websites that collect leads in different niches, he has a considerable amount of people on each email list. He sends them an automated series of emails from his Aweber account and counts the money as the orders come in. The series of emails he sends is a sales tool that is designed to give a lot of free value, all while selling one of his short eBooks for about $14.95 each. Adam makes 6 figure income per year from these sites.

Here’s basically the process Adam follows:

Visit and look at “Books” main headings in the drop-down menu. Once in the book section choose a category. Self help category works well. When the self help page opens you’ll see subcategories to choose from. Try any of them. next page pops up there are sub-categories I can choose from. I chose the topic of “Eating Disorders”. I think it couldn’t be too difficult to create an eBook to help someone with eating disorders conquer their illness.

I go more sub-niche and decide my eBook will be about helping people cope with binge-eating. Using Microsoft Word I create the 48 page eBook – really putting some effort into it so I can help someone conquer this horrible issue. If you’re not a writer you could outsource it to someone that will write it for a couple hundred bucks. You can probably sell your eBook for $19.95. Many authors choose that as a price.

Back to your email campaign. You should create 10-20 brief emails filled with great information for your target audience. In this case, those with binge eating problems. Give away a lot of information for free in these emails. You’re building trust at this stage and it must be done.

Don’t even ask readers of your email to buy something until the 3rd or 4th email. Ask only sporadically – maybe every 3 or 4 emails you send out. Don’t ask every email – that gets old immediately. Some interesting internet marketing studies have shown that most sales happen after the potential customer reads about six emails from you, not just one or two. For your automated business email campaigns it is tough to beat Aweber – the industry standard.

On your niche website offer something free in exchange for the visitors email address so you have permission to start mailing them your 10-20 auto emails. There are heaps of online sites about how to build effective landing pages that help you convert readers into buyers of your eBooks. Use them.

From each email in which you’re pitching the sale of your eBook make the links go back to your landing page which should have a higher conversion rate after a number of emails read by buyers, in comparison to those visitors that saw your site one time and then your landing page. A long-term relationship with customers is what is indicated for success right now. Follow that plan and grow your email list, your eBook products, and your business.