Ipad Good on 15% of Top 100 Sites

Here’s a great video about HP’s new slate or tablet device that is due to hit the store shelves soon. This Adobe rep says FLASH – which Ipad does not support, is used on 85% of the Alexa Top 100 internet sites. Which means the Ipad is useless in seeing all the content on those sites.

I’m strongly leaning toward the HP slate running Windows 7 – and any other slate that has open standards, allows me to change batteries, has a 2MP camera at minimum, and allows me to transfer over all my media files without having to worry about DRM.

And you?

Update: I’m now learning how to code applications at the App Store. If you ever wanted to learn how to code for iPhone and iPad, I mean, there ARE a billion iOS devices out there in the wild, you might want to think about some job security for this year. Head over and join up (free) at SWIFTMONK.com to get your free course that will prepare you for learning Swift code / XCode.