Internet Marketing’s A-List, the “Good Guys”

angel-flickrcc-AdamSelwood I used to not follow any internet marketers online – I didn’t need to, or thought I didn’t. Up until about 2004 I studied everything on my own and had immense hands-on experience with different companies around the USA I worked for as an internet marketing consultant. I was pretty cozy with what I knew versus what everyone else knew.

Then I started to see people talking about things that were more specialized, more in-depth than what I was doing. I realized – I’m not on top of the game and the only way to get back to the top and keep up with everything is to follow what some others are doing too. As areas of expertise get more specialized – in internet marketing or whatever your business are happens to be, you’ll need to start learning on a daily basis from everyone else that’s into what you’re into or you’ll quickly be left behind.

I don’t want to be left behind so I set about trying to figure out – who are the internet marketers that are making sense, and who are the ones I trust enough to listen to?

It’s a very tough question. It’s sometimes hard to separate the wheat from the chaff, the meat from the muck.

The following group of people are those that I either trust or am starting to trust. Their message is usually solid and they have good hands-on experience. They are selling things – no doubt, they couldn’t exist without marketing something – but, they’re also helping people get started.

Jonathan Volk – You know, when someone says they are Christian on their business site it gives you the idea almost immediately that you can trust the person. Sure there are posers, Jonathan doesn’t seem to be one. No, I’m not Christian, but I understand that most of those that are adhere to some basic fraudless practices… they have a certain morality that probably jives with mine. Jonathan has some great PPC ideas and shares a lot of them freely on his site. He seems to be a very genuine person out to help others succeed.

Shoemoney – Jeremy is often times all about the hype, but over the last couple years seems to be moderating it and is coming across more like someone at the top willing to help those that are trying desperately to get there. His knowledge of PPC is probably unmatched. He frequently “gives away the game” and provides great information for free. His current major promotion is Shoemoney Tools and his free 12 week internet marketing course which you really should sign up for – it’s free and, though basic – might be just what you need to get started.

Yaro Starak – from Yaro is an Aussie that comes across as having a sincere desire to help others succeed and is enjoying some level of success himself in recent years. I listen to what he says and take it as gospel truth. I can’t see Yaro lying to save his life.

Frank Kern – I’m still not sure about Frank. His laid back attitude is either 100% genuine… or not. He has some phenomenal information he lets go for free, and his programs are priced about 4x as much as I’d ever want to pay (Mass Control), but he’s enjoying some outrageous success from his programs. If you have the $, Frank is one guy you want to follow.

Gary Vaynerchuck – is a motivational speaker that has some good points of view and lets them be known. He’s frequently hired to present at conferences and such. You can tell Gary is coming from the heart and isn’t going to screw you around. Gary has enjoyed immense success as a branding expert for his family’s wine business – but is also knowledgeable in many other areas and is an avid social media marketer-enthusiast. He’s a workaholic and to me, seems very genuine.

Darren Rowse – I look at Darren as the grandaddy of blogging. He says all the right things and is never controversial at all – which, leads me to believe you can trust the guy though he’s not giving you all sides to himself – he’s giving the world what it needs – amazing articles – hundreds upon hundreds of them filled with solid information that isn’t questionable. The guy is a blogging machine and I trust whatever he says.

Vern Lovic – I’m somewhat of a mix of all these internet marketers. For many years I’ve not shared online what I do for a living – internet marketing. I was blogging at Aim for Awesome and 15 other sites but had nothing online about internet marketing.  Recently I started this site, Inc. Answers because I wasn’t finding anyone online that was presenting SEO – SEM – IM the way I think it should be presented.

I have a decade of experience with web development, SEO, and internet marketing topics of all sorts.  I’m a deep generalist, meaning – I know something about nearly everything online – but, I’m not totally geared toward any one area or technique for making money online. I prefer to know a moderate amount about everything – not everything about 1 small topic. I do make an exception for SEO and do my best to stay current with everything going on there. It’s a fascinating area for me and where my heart is really at.

Though I’m not Christian I have a strong inner-morality that urges me to do the right thing. I don’t attempt to sell by hype. I present what I know and tell you the benefits of using it – and hope you come around to trying it. I don’t have any ultra-expensive programs I’m marketing. I prefer to target people that are just starting out and that need to know the big picture about internet marketing – and how they can actually get started with some small success that might build into something great later. The fees I charge for my online training courses are reasonable and affordable to most people. Many of my courses are completely free.

I offer a realistic view of online success. In most cases it will take a year of effort as a general minimum if you’re starting from scratch. Or, it will take a lot of cash to have a website built for you and optimized for search engines and other traffic building systems so you can start a meaningful income from your online projects. That’s the reality of it. If you think you can do it in a week or a month – give it a try. Other internet marketers are making hundreds of thousands of dollars off people that think there’s a short-cut and that will pay for it – just in case it works.

Most of the time it doesn’t work. Stick to the advice and suggestions of this group of internet marketing experts mentioned above. Work your tail off and you’ll probably find some success.

Everyone can do this – it is not DNA engineering… it’s a+b+c !

Good luck and much success!

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3 thoughts on “Internet Marketing’s A-List, the “Good Guys””

  1. Eben Pagan is a great guy to follow for Internet Marketers. His Voodoo Sales Copy Report is pretty good stuff and he is big on how to work from home when your running your Internet business…like the 4 hour work week. All his recent blog’s and personal stuff are more on the lines of new age techniques and discoveries. I guess while he lets his billion dollar online enterprise coast along he can enjoy whatever he’s into…

  2. Vern – you left yourself off the A list in my opinion.

    Agree with you on Shoemoney, Gary V. and Darren Rowse – definitely gems in a world filled with scoundrels. Just finished reading Gary V’s “Crush It”, which I thought was pretty good and will use as a reference – for awhile, at least, since these things have a way of changing so fast and so often.

    My best to you from the states!


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