Internet Marketing Guru Shoemoney Gives it Away?

Shoemoney, aka: Jeremy Schoemaker announced recently that instead of releasing a book, he will offer a 12-week free internet marketing program filled with great content that he’s learned over the years.

If you’re not familiar with Shoe, he has an amazing 12-year history of internet marketing projects and he’s had some phenomenal successes.

I joined the program because, even though I know a lot – nobody knows it all. There are so many areas of specialization one can move toward and master online. Shoe and I are in different areas completely. For myself, I’m great at starting small – micro sites, ramping them up – and selling them. Shoe did really well with the ringtone market – he was killing it for years. Recently I met a guy that had whole websites dedicated to MySpace backgrounds. He was crushing it too.

You should join Shoe’s free internet marketing program too, just to see if there’s something in it for you. I’m going to guess that Shoe’s target audience – his visitors to his site, are different from my core visitors here at Inc. Answers. Here at Inc. Answers I want to give you the jump-start into internet marketing – taking you from no knowledge to mastery of whatever niche you decide to play in.

shoe-courseI’m guessing Shoe’s program won’t be basic enough for many people, but, join anyway and save whatever information you get for use in the future after you’ve learned a lot more.

Let me know how things are going after you’re into the program. I’ll share my thoughts as I go through it as well.

Sign up here >

Oh, here’s an interesting podcast at Yaro Starak’s site. It’s an interview he did with Jeremy about how he got where he is today. It’s a very interesting story. The download is 106MB but even with relatively slow connection I have it was well worth the effort to grab it.