IA Focus: Online Training. Create your Online Business.

The entire focus of this website is online training – creating your own online business in whatever niche that interests you – that you’re passionate about.

My idea is that every visitor to this site has already been assaulted with the junk that’s online.

The Problem with Finding Good Training to Help You Start Your Online Business:

There is a large mass of online marketers that are offering online training courses about how to create a successful online business and they’re not helping but a few people that could have made it happen on their own anyway.

Online marketing professionals today are interested primarily in one thing – making quick cash and giving little in real value in return. It isn’t that these people aren’t competent – many of them ARE very competent. They COULD help if they wanted to. Their focus is helping themselves make money online by promoting ideas that sound good – that market online successfully and that get people emotional about reaching their online business dream.

They’re selling dreams.

Unfortunately for you – you don’t really see an alternative. You’ve probably asked yourself… “How do I choose from all the online marketing systems and online professionals out there?” They all seem the same. There’s a good reason for that – they are the same. Well, more specifically their focus of making themselves money is the same.

I created this site as an alternative to the junk I see online. Sure I want to make money. But, I’m already in a position where I’m not aiming for making another couple thousand dollars per month income to quit my ‘other’ job. There is no other job. This is it. I’ve been doing online marketing successfully for 12 years. If I make any more money than what I’m already making that will be great. My real focus is helping other people get somewhere with their dream of online business success.

It’s an amazing feeling to not have to work today if I choose not to. 95% of the time I still do though! This Friday I’m going on a trip because my wife is going to a distant town to see a friend. I decided to go too and make it a weekend so I can re-visit this great Buddhist temple in the same area… maybe get some video and photos for one of my other sites.

I guess you could say that’s part of my ‘work’. If you enjoy it that much though – is it work?

Creating your own online business is not difficult. Creating an online business that works and that supports you and your family even during a recession is more difficult. Is it impossible? No. I could name 30 people I know that are doing it now already.

Can YOU do it? Now that’s the question we both have isn’t it?

I’m in the process of creating some online training for literally anyone that wants to taste the dream of online success.

I’m approaching it differently from how most internet ‘experts’ approach it though. I’m assuming you know very little. I’m going to share everything I know that you need to know to start your online business, incorporate it, and market your business online successfully.

The goal of the training is that by the time you’re finished you know all the pieces of the puzzle and can create a solution, an ebusiness that works. That prospers.

2 thoughts on “IA Focus: Online Training. Create your Online Business.”

  1. Is this school you speak of called “Focus” ? If so, are there any websites I can view that will explain the process better?

    • No, sorry – the title was IA – like, Inc. Answers Focus… telling what the focus of this site is. There will be two courses…

      Ebusiness Primer 34

      Ebusiness PRO

      I haven’t created them yet. If you are in the market for a course NOW – Shoemoney.com has an exceptional course he is releasing soon. But I’m not sure that he’s going to give you the whole picture, a lot of it will be assumed that you know. That’s my guess anyway. Have a look if you’re in a rush. Thanks, Vern

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