How to Make a Lot of Money During a Recession?

I read few blogs, but the ones I do really provide so much value for the money – FREE. Steve Pavlina is one of the most prolific writers I’ve ever known. He has more than 500 articles on his site and this latest one relates well to the topic of the day – the recession and what to do since we’re waist-deep in it.

Steve has the idea that we should never do anything for anyone else. We should work for ourselves. We should produce content for OURSELVES. We should follow what we love and provide as much value as possible to others – that way, you win. Your life will be much less stressful because you’re doing something you love for yourself – and your family of course.

The other reason I love Steve’s articles is that often they are like books. I just printed this article out in notepad and got 10 pages on Trebuchet MS 10 point font. THAT’s a long article – and it’s crammed with his personal brand of personal development. Follow your dream and everything else falls into place.

How to make a lot of money during a recession >