How to Choose a Business Blog Web Hosting Company

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Choosing a Web Host for Your Online Business

(Follow the video at the bottom of this page exactly to receive BlueHost hosting for your new blog)

There are only 2 webhosting companies I trust and love in the world. One is BlueHost. The other is Knownhost. Why am I not cheerleading for Knownhost right now? I am, but, most of you are just starting your online business and your needs are not extreme. When your needs become extreme – then you need Knownhost. Then you also need to pay more for Knownhost! Such is life, right? But, the good news is, right now your needs are minimal and you will be overjoyed with BlueHost. Let’s move on.


One crucial decision you’ll make, is the blog hosting company you will use for your new online business.

This is a choice that is made lightly too many times and tragedy awaits those that choose the wrong host.

The wrong host is your buddy who has some free space on the server you can have for $20 per year.

OK, wait. Let’s slow down.


Two thumbs up for blog hosting with a great company.A blog hosting company sells space on a computer hard drive. The computer is called a “server.” It’s a special computer. Nobody is running email and surfing adult sites on this computer, it is dedicated to only one thing – serving web pages to people in their homes and businesses, on the beach, to their phones, wherever they can get an internet connection and reach your website.

The blog host rents you server space. Maybe your blog requires about 1GB of space right now. But, it’s growing. It will grow a lot if you’re doing what you’re supposed to be doing. Most hosts will give you a lot of server space because it sounds good.

Some give UNLIMITED SPACE.  The BlueHost company gives you this. You can put your website and all the files it needs on the server and pay no extra for it. That’s pretty cool right? Sure it is! That’s why I’m writing this entire page to tell you about hosting at BlueHost!

A blog host gives you bandwidth. Also known as file-transfer. When someone on their web browser requests a file on your website, the server sends that file. It has some size to it. Some bits of data. Those bits of data added together, determine how much bandwidth your site needs each month. BlueHost gives you UNLIMITED BANDWIDTH too.

The most important thing a business blog web hosting company gives you?

Service. For the last ten years I’ve only used web hosting companies that I love. Before that was a real horrorshow with Godaddy and some other clowns. I’m so glad to be so far from that stressful time. Really. Talk about pulling your hair out! Bluehost gives excellent, and even beyond excellent customer service. I have not heard anything bad about BlueHost or KnownHost. Nothing. I’m sure there are people that had bad experiences somewhere, but the overwhelming majority of testimonials out there are PRO-BLUEHOST and KNOWNHOST.

What Else Does BlueHost Give You?

A FREE domain name. A domain name is the name people type into their web browser, like At BlueHost they give you this for free the first year. It’s a $12 to $15 value. Just one more reason to go with them.

Another reason to go with BlueHost?

Instant WordPress installations! WordPress used to have this special service they called the “5-minute WordPress Installation.” It was a big deal because prior to that, it used to take 30 minutes or more to do it right. I’m talking years ago.

Today BlueHost takes it another step further. Not only can you get your WordPress installation setup in 5-minutes, but, you can also get your free domain and free web hosting package all setup within 5-minutes! See my video of me doing it here.


BlueHost Gives:

  • Unlimited domain hosting – as many domains as you want to host on your account.
  • Unlimited hosting space – 1 GB or 100 GB, no matter.
  • Unlimited file transfer – 10 GB or 10 TB (Terabytes!), no matter.
  • Unlimited email accounts – I think better to go with Gmail, but, up to you!
  • Free domain name – a $12 to $15 value.
  • Free instant set-up – no extra fees to install the necessary files and programs to get you up and running on the server-side.

BlueHost is, in my professional and honest opinion, the absolute best blog hosting service you can find online today for beginners with blogs. You can look for the next year, and you won’t find anyone better. I have. I’ve looked continually at blog hosting services and companies for fifteen years now.

It don’t get no better than BlueHost!

Grab Your Hosting Now, or just follow the video below:

Up Front Transparency: I make a living from telling people about BlueHost. I don’t work for them. I work with them. I help people find the best blog hosting for their businesses they could possibly find. People that use BlueHost win. BlueHost wins. I win. It’s a happy-happy-happy and I have nothing to hide. I have used Bluehost for years. I currently have two accounts just like the one I’m recommending you get now.