How NOT to Find New Customers

I created another small ebook recently with a narrow focus. The purpose was to monetize some of my sites and as a test to see – is there a market for it or not?

Its been live about 1 month. I’ve put a total of about 30 hours into the site and marketing it. I just don’t have time to ramp it up at the moment. That said, it’s doing OK already. The first month it sold 22 times. I’m sure I can get it up to 100 per month without too much trouble. As of yet I haven’t given it a place in the daily agenda. I have a whole mess of other things going on and this ebook is getting about 3% of my time and thought. Within the next couple months I’ll focus on it – now? It’s just not a priority.

Now, here’s the funny part. I was contacted by some internet marketer that said he does this “full-time”. I think he thought that would impress me. Apparently this kid does IM. His name is Shane W.

I wrote him back this response to his letter to me…

Thanks for writing on the contact form.

What are some of your Thailand sites that the ********* Book would be a good match for?

Or, did you have something else in mind?


He wrote back…

I have a large number of small sites that might be suitable like http://www.**#*#*#*.biz/ –  ( this is an adsense play that I will be building out into an affiliate dating for someone like (some major advertiser listed here) in the coming months ) – there is nothing there really just a bunch of PLR articles which we will eventually drop away but we are slowly building PR and backlinks ( PR 3 and 238 links )

4 blank lines inserted here

However I would be more interested in looking at traffic that is actually seeking out advise on the subject that your book appears to deal with as you know the conversion rates for the “interrupt sale” is around 1%.

4 blank lines inserted here

I am sure you would be familiar with the concepts of microsites, highly focused sites that answer one focused set of questions, the opposite of sites like (major site listed) or (another site – not major) which are a “destination site”

4 blank lines inserted here

I would be interested in setting up a site that stands in front of the organic search traffic for the most popular term in that niche – I haven’t really thought about it too much yet but maybe

4 blank lines inserted here

Some keyword phrase appropriate for my niche     8,100

4 blank lines inserted here

Another keyword phrase  1,300

10 blank lines inserted here

Anyway I would like to have a chat with about the possibilities, the first thing to do is let me have a look at the book to see what we are selling.

Ha! Yeah, the first thing is to send you my ebook gratis so you can help me… Hmm. I wouldn’t say that’s really the first thing Shane.

Originally I wanted to give the guy a chance – I thought maybe he had a big site in my niche that we could run ads on. I was all for that. No, he wanted to apply IM 101 or 50.5 to my ebook and site, trying to get organic rankings for my top keys – which I can do myself. The fact that he was trying to do something with a .biz name was a good clue from the beginning of his email.

I had no use for what he was offering and no time to talk about it. I told him nicely I already had someone to do internet marketing for me. I didn’t tell him it was me – no sense getting into a discussion with him – I don’t have time to teach him anything.

I wrote back:

Hi shane,

I’m not interested because I already have someone helping me with IM. Thanks anyway.

This is where it gets ridiculous… I’m guessing this kid is about 19 and has less than a year of internet marketing time under his belt. I’ve just told him I have someone to help me with IM – and his response shows he’s pissed off at me for not understanding what miracles he can work. He attempts to put me down and in my place a number of times – and it’s just sad…

How could he have sat down and typed out this long response? The only possible outcome was to make me think he’s a total putz. He must have spent 10-20 minutes crafting this email… and instead he could have moved on to find someone that could actually use his service.

Anyway, here’s his response which I haven’t responded to. When I respond personally to idiots I tend to hit way harder than I should. I definitely wanted to share it with you though because the whole thing does have some comedic value to it.

Wow if you think that you only need one affiliate then you totally don’t get internet marketing. [1]

Is this your first ebook ? [2]

The whole point of being a vendor of an information product is that you can leverage potentially 1000’s of affiliates all around the world all driving traffic to your sales page, the more affiliates you have the more money you will make !!!

Its not that hard to understand its just like in the real world NO author would sign a deal with one shop or retail outlet to sell a book, one wholesaler ok but I wasn’t looking to take over your internet marketing just sell the book on a non exclusive basis alongside whatever efforts you have underway yourself.

To put the otherside on the table no professional affiliate would promote only one ebook or other offer either – that would be madness, do you know how many books you will sell on a project like this from say 10,000 visitors a month ?

I would go broke just selling your book – if you think this a some sort of exclusive arrangement I have over 50 websites all churning away making me and the vendors money, and the vendors have 100’s of other affiliates all doing the same thing for them.

That’s cool  [3] I will tell you one thing though the reason that I reached out to you is that I see opportunity with your book, not because I think everyone will want it ( I haven’t read it yet so how could I know that ) but because whoever is doing your internet marketing has no idea what they are doing and unless you engage with many others like me you will fail. [4]

I don’t say that with malaise or to be a prick [5]- I failed enough times myself over the years trying to sell stuff online before I worked out how it all works to know first hand what you are doing wrong and not reaching out to as many affiliates as possible to sell your book in unison is just one of the things that will kill your book. [6]

In a year when you have sold less than a 100 copies you can say I told you so. [7]

Good luck with the venture.

I’ll highlight in bold italics the parts I thought were priceless. Ok, wait – I’ll put numbers beside them and respond below…

1. I told him I have someone helping me to do IM – in his mind I just told him I have just 1 affiliate.  I guess I TOTALLY don’t get internet marketing. Lol. I’ve just been making a living with it for over a decade…

2. My first ebook? No Shane, that was in 1999 when I sold it on eBay. Sold the hell out of it too. I’m up to somewhere over 15 and less than 20.

3. This was great… Thats cool. This is what a child says when he’s been hurt. Rejection hurts, and apparently he wanted me to hurt too by the tone of his email. I laughed a lot, but no hurt. I do feel sorry for him though in some weird way.

4. I’m going to do my best to prove you wrong Shane – I will not fail!

5. But, he sure comes across that way. If he had some really great plan for my ebook – I’d overlook all his ass-monkey comments and go with him. Wouldn’t you? I love people to put me down and set me straight – so I can give my money to them and they can be my savior. I love that! Don’t you?

6. Ouch!

7. HA! This was the best -and I wonder how long it took him to think that up – and how long he looked at it before he hit send.

So, do you think I’ll be writing him back to find out all the wonderful things he can do for me?

I’m throwing Shane W_ _ _ _ _ _  in with the ebusiness idiots category for being clueless about nearly every single thing he tried to guess about me and this new project that literally just went live.

Not to mention the junior high response to rejection.