How I Added 150 Visitors Per Day Instantly

You may in the same situation, you may not be. You might be able to add 150 or more unique visitors per day to your website in just one day just by making a simple change.

Here’s what I did…

I have a number of ebooks available for free download. These are my books that I created, and yet, this trick would work with someone elses material as well.

I noticed in my stats that I was getting about 200 unique visitors per day downloading my PDF ebook at one of my sites. They were hotlinking to the page from another site that must have posted the direct PDF link. Well, many sites were linking to it, as it turns out.

This is fine, and I allowed for that when I created the ebook because the ebook has some advertisements for other ebooks that cost money, as well as links to some of my other sites. If someone downloads it through a hotlink I’m still a winner because they’ll see these other ads and site links.

Oh, I should mention, this particular ebook has had 128,000+ downloads – most of them from hotlinks not originating at my site. Free ebooks are hot – if you have the right subject.


I wanted to turn these ebook downloaders into visits at my site to see what impact I could have on my stats, so I tried something.

I updated the ebook with even more great information and changed the name and dropped it in a new folder on the server – effectively killing that hotlink for all the sites that linked to it.

I then created a one page Word Doc that I converted to a PDF with the same name as the old ebook and put it in the same directory on the server.

The one page PDF loaded instantly when someone followed the hotlink to it. The one page said,

This eBook has been updated thoroughly on 11/09, and now has 139 fact-filled, illustrated pages. Go here to grab your copy:

[Link here ]

That was it.

At that link I created an information page for my ebook and had an order button for $2.

There have been solid sales from day 1. More importantly, I’ve gained 150 new visitors per day ever since that would never have become visitors.

Try it if you have a similar situation… or, create a similar situation.