Google’s PANIC Button for Email: UnSend

For 5 seconds after you hit the send button on your email message in Gmail you can hit the panic button and “unsend” that email. When you do – you’ll be taken back to compose more of your message – either editing something negative you didn’t want to say, adding the attachment you forgot – or whatever…

Nice feature, eh?

Another reason to use Gmail for all your business email. How many times have you wondered whether a business email you were sending had anything negative in it that would affect your relationship with another company?

For me – I tend to make snyde comments about people’s emails and send them to co-workers in my same company… but, when I forward it I have this vague fear that the person I’m snydly commenting about is going to see my comments!

I’ve often wondered why there’s no delay and we can’t unsend mail like we can in MS Outlook. Now we can!

Open your Gmail. Choose the ‘Settings’ link in upper right corner. Choose the LABS tab. Scroll down to find ‘UnSend’. Enable it. Save changes. Go back to gmail and try it.

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