GoFTP? Ebusiness Idiot Champs!

I thought I saw a major blogger mention GOFTP as a great little FTP program. I’ve been having trouble with all FTP programs that were free because they wouldn’t give me a remote directory list.

So, I found GOFTP on download.com I think it was. I downloaded it, scanned with 2 different virus scanners and installed. It worked like MAGIC. Amazingly fast and gave me a remote directory list. It was free. I was psyched.

I noticed today – the damn thing adds this code to bottom of EVERY SINGLE page I uploaded by FTP:  (I knocked out the links so they don’t show as live here)

<!-- GoFTP Free Version Start -->

    <br /><br />
  <p align="center">

    <a style="font-size:x-small; text-decoration:none; color:#CCCCCC;"

 href=  "w w w .msn4u.net" > 

      More on:
    amulets and thai
  </a><br />

    <a style="font-size:10px; text-decoration:none; color:#CCCCCC;"

  href= "w w w .goftp.com">


      transported by


<!-- GoFTP Free Version End -->


There is no mention of this add-on on their site anywhere. They even have a link to information about “What’s the catch?” Regarding – how can we just give this to you for free…? No mention at all.

The two links at the bottom of all infected pages are light gray and very small font so most people wouldn’t see them. I’ve used this for a week and now I need to go back and re-upload with FIREFTP in FireFox (it’s working now again) every single page…


GOFTP, the company that owns them, their staff… These are eBusiness idiots of the highest caliber in my opinion and I hope their company burns to the ground in a lightening strike.


The funny thing? I would have bought this software after a trial because it’s amazing. Now? Hell no!