Getting Inbound Links

Inbound links are very important for Google, and presumably every other search engine on the planet… though to be honest, I’ve focused solely on Google for about the last 4 years. If I’m well represented in Google I seem to do just fine in Yahoo, and now Bing.

I’ve been experimenting with creating articles at for the last couple of months and am possibly seeing good results already. If I can believe their stats, they’re sending me some decent clicks over to my site(s) where I’ve linked to.

Apparently Google likes the site because it’s well moderated. Junk articles don’t (usually) get through, though I’ve seen some horribly written articles the majority are decent enough quality.

What is Ezine Articles? You write articles laced with keywords about whatever topic your website or page on your website is about. You can link back to your own site twice from the “Author box” in the last paragraph. Free inbound links… for the price of writing an article. I like the idea, though at first I balked at why in the world I would write quality content for another website.

Google trusts this site to the tune of a PageRank 6. They have thousands of articles and authors – some of which ONLY write there and do very well.

If my recent gains in pagerank numbers are signs of the success of this inbound links technique, I’m all for it and will be writing another 20-50 articles there this year.

Anyone had good success with it yet?

Here’s my feed which will give you some of the articles I’ve written there. You can click one and go see the full article and how I’ve setup my links back to my own sites.

I’ll let you know more as I nail down whether or not this technique is responsible for my recent gains…

Here’s my feed: