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Fourth video tutorial in the Website (W) series.
Fourth video tutorial in the Website (W) series.

This fourth free video tutorial covers creating a simple website (blog) on Google’s It’s really a matter of about 2 minutes to setup and go live. It might take you another 10 minutes to create your first blog post (article). Blogger is a very solid, fast, free, and pervasive site that has millions of blogs setup already.

I used in the past and have had 30+ blogs with them over th years. is the fastest and easiest way to get up and running with your own website. It’s great for beginners because it will help you learn about blogging as you go along.

This free tutorial is just over 40 minutes long and contains everything you need to follow step by step in setting up your own personal website, business website, whatever you choose to call it.

Inside this free video tutorial I cover not only walking you through getting the website, but nearly all the options that are available in the dashboard to control how your website looks and runs.

If you’ve always wanted a website and have been afraid to try – this is THE BEST video tutorial to watch because you’ll see how simple it all is with

Set aside 45 minutes, get some coffee and Snyder Pretzel Rods (god I miss them here in Thailand) and watch this “Creating a Simple Website with” video tutorial and learn some of the crucial skills you’ll need for setting up your ebusiness!

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You’ll get links to the videos as they are completed. There will be at least 30 free video tutorials to help you with your basic online skills. There may be skills you are not 100% on, things you’ve forgotten, or things you never knew contained in these tutorials. I highly recommend reviewing them all before continuing on to the EBusiness PRIMER or PRO courses.

If you have any suggestions for how to make the videos more interesting – they’re welcome.

Here’s a complete list of the video tutorials we’ll be offering:

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